Remodel Your Kitchen With Confidence

Learn how to:

  • Develop the right plan for your budget
  • Design and select your favorite materials
  • Find and hire the best contractor for the job

Remodeling a kitchen from scratch is a major project and many homeowners could use an extra hand. Read our kitchen remodeling guide to ensure a stress-free renovation.

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    Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Los Angeles Homeowners

    Remodeling a kitchen or designing a custom kitchen from scratch is a big project, and it requires an expert hand. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to have negative experiences when it comes to finding and hiring a contractor for their remodeling project. GreatBuildz is dedicated to helping them.

    Follow these tips to ensure you have a positive experience with your kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles:


    Figure out a realistic budget for your project. You should do some research to determine what other homeowners in the area have paid for kitchen renovations.


    Get estimates from three (or more) general contractors that have experience with kitchen renovations in your area.


    Be wary of “red flags” when searching for a contractor. These include taking over a week to return your call; pushiness or disrespectful behavior; or anything else that might indicate that you may end up getting subpar service. You shouldn’t be afraid to walk away from a potentially unfavorable deal.


    Don’t hire a contractor based only on their rates or your “gut feeling.” Low prices can indicate relatively low-quality service, and your first impression about a business owner should not be a substitute for thorough research.


    Write out a list of features you think should be included in your home remodel (e.g., custom kitchen cabinets), and make sure every contractor you approach is given an identical list. That means every contractor who provides an estimate is basing it off the same items.


    When you sign an agreement, pay only a small deposit. You should first examine and double-check the work contract to ensure your rights and your desires are being upheld. Be aware that California law places a $1,000 maximum on deposits.