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Let Us Help You! Don’t let the stress of finding a dependable ADU contractor ruin your excitement for your upcoming project. GreatBuildz is here to take the burden off your shoulders. We’ll match you with three trustworthy local contractors who will complete your project on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. Contact us today to get started.

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The Best ADU Contractors

At GreatBuildz, we screen our ADU contractors carefully using a stringent 10-point screening process, ensuring that you hire the best. We evaluate contractors based on the following:

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Management Interview

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Work Experience

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Background Check

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Financial Review

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Online Rating

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Contractor License Board

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License, Bond, and Insurance

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Local Expertise

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Contractor Code of Conduct

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License, Bond, and Insurance

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Local Expertise

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Contractor Code of Conduct

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Multiple ADU Options

We’ll connect you with pre-screened ADU contractors with a proven track record, who are qualified to handle any type of ADU project. Some of the services offered include:

Worry-Free Service to Make Starting Your Project Easy

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Tell Us About Your ADU Goals

Once you share your vision for your ADU with our team, we’ll handpick service providers that are best suited for your project requirements.

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Expert ADU Contractors

Rest assured that the pre-screened contractors we’ll recommend have the knowledge, expertise, and skills necessary to deliver a successful ADU.

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Helpful Service

Receive Ongoing Support from Our Team to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

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Our Services Are Free of Charge

Our services are entirely complimentary, with no hidden costs or obligations.

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ADUs and Garage Conversions In Malibu, CA

Malibu is a flourishing coastal city in Southern California renowned for its breathtaking ocean views and opulent beachfront real estate. Malibu is a highly sought-after location for both primary residences and vacation properties due to its pristine beaches and vibrant coastal lifestyle. As a result, the Malibu housing market is distinctive and commands some of the nation’s highest property prices.

Regarding housing, Malibu consists primarily of single-family residences. The city is home to around 13,000 single-family homes, each displaying distinct architectural styles ranging from contemporary beach houses to Mediterranean-inspired villas. With its ideal climate and breathtaking natural surroundings, Malibu functions as a blank canvas for homeowners to create residential designs that complement the natural beauty of the area.

The thriving housing market in Malibu affords householders the opportunity to undertake remodeling and garage conversion projects. There is a thriving remodeling industry ready to provide services to interested homeowners, as there are many gorgeous homes in need of restoration or modernization. Whether it’s updating an out-of-date kitchen or adding a spa-like bathroom, many Malibu residents choose to collaborate with experienced general contractors to elevate their living spaces while complementing the coastal aesthetic.

Moreover, Malibu’s location along the Pacific Coast Highway distinguishes it. The city has long served as a filming location for numerous movies, television programs, and commercials due to its idyllic beauty. This prestigious reputation, coupled with the thriving local arts scene, generates a constant flow of creative ideas for home renovation and accessory dwelling unit projects. Malibu is home to a number of world-class architects and interior designers renowned for their distinctive style and innovative space and material utilization.

Complementing this thriving remodeling industry are local showrooms showcasing the newest home design and remodeling materials. Homeowners in Malibu have numerous options for procuring high-quality materials that complement the city’s signature coastal and glamorous aesthetic.

GreatBuildz offers a platform that connects Southern California homeowners with reputable and pre-screened general contractors. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to remodel your current home or searching for your ideal home that needs a personal touch, GreatBuildz can help. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship, GreatBuildz assists householders in Malibu throughout the entire remodeling process to ensure their vision is realized.

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