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Finding a Good Home Insurance Claim Contractor can be Frustrating

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We personally match you with honest pre-screened pros and provide project support from start to finish, ensuring you’ll find a great contractor and enjoy a stress-free experience.

What is GreatBuildz? We Make It Easy To Find a Great Contractor

Finding the Right Insurance Claims Contractors in Los Angeles & Southern California

GreatBuildz is a free service that helps homeowners find the best, local general contractors that are experienced with property damage repairs and insurance claims. Its not always easy to find an honest contractor who will deliver everything they promise. But, with our thorough contractor selection process, we ensure you’ll be match with only top-notch pros who have passed our 10-point screening process and signed our code of conduct.

Below is a list of items every one of our contractors must pass in order to be invited into the GreatBuildz network.

  • Management Interview
  • References
  • Work Experience
  • Background Check
  • Financial Review



  • Online Rating
  • Contractor License Board
  • License, Bond, and Insurance
  • Local Expertise
  • Contractor Code of Conduct

We pride ourselves on only recommending the best contractors in Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura County who can live up to their promises and stay on time and on budget. Contractors cannot pay to be in our network; we are invite-only. And because of our rigorous vetting process, people have been thrilled with their insurance claim contractors…just check our reviews on Yelp or Google.

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Tips for dealing with an Insurance Claim Repair or Property Damage:

Although you’ll probably call a restoration contractor to resolve your immediate emergency, you’re better off working with a licensed general contractor (B-license) in order to rebuild or repair the property damage at your home. General Contractors specialize in home remodeling and repairs, and their crew and sub-contractors are likely to deliver a higher quality finished product.

Here are a few more tips on finding a reputable insurance claim contractor:


Do some research to determine a realistic budget for your project. Figure out what others in your area have paid recently for similar renovations.


Get cost estimates from at least three general contractors that are experienced in your area.


Be on the lookout for contractor ‘red flags’: contractors that take longer than a week to call you back; contractors who are pushy or disrespectful; companies that spend a lot on his marketing like glossy full-page mailers, fully-wrapped trucks; or anything else that makes you uneasy about them.


Don’t hire a contractor purely based on price or your ‘gut feeling’ about them. Neither of these is a good gauge of whether the contractor will turn out to be reliable and trustworthy.


Create a list of items you want to be included in your project and hand it to every contractor who comes to give you an estimate. This will help ensure each contractor is bidding the identical scope of work.


Upon signing an agreement with a contractor, provide only a small deposit (California law is $1000 maximum). Review their work contract carefully to ensure it has all the elements you believe are necessary to protect your rights.

Let us match you with reputable local contractors in Los Angeles & Southern California

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“Our experience with GreatBuildz has been fantastic…I’m definitely glad to know I have the GreatBuildz team supporting my remodel.”

Aaron & Krista

Thousand Oaks

“I needed to find the right contractor that would fit my budget and personality. I am so happy I found GreatBuildz. We had a great experience with wonderful results! Highly recommend!”


West LA

“There are so many unreliable contractors out there. GreatBuildz introduced me to contractors that actually kept their appointments, provided a reasonable price, and did great work. Thank you, GreatBuildz!”

Albert & Kristin

Los Angeles

Insurance Claim and Property Damage Repair Contractors in Los Angeles, CA

Dealing with a home emergency and an insurance claim is not an easy or stress-free scenario, but taking on this project correctly is exceedingly important.  There are thousands of dollars at stake or maybe much more. And its certainly going to take up a lot of your time. Certainly, you know that you should get a hold of your insurance company immediately. And you know that you’ll need a restoration contractor asap to deal with your emergency home damage. But, next steps are not always as clear or obvious because now you need someone to repair and rebuild your property damage to its original condition or better.

This next step is a significant process that can turn out great or can cause you a ton of stress. Essentially, you’re now required to remodel your home whether you like it or not; and you’ve probably heard remodeling can be stressful. So, you absolutely need to take your time and put in the effort to find the right insurance claim contractor. In most cases, you are free to meet with contractors that your insurance company recommends or those that you find on your own. Remember, your insurance company’s responsibility is to provide you the money to settle your claim…not to rebuild your home. So, getting a good contractor and good finished product is not their responsibility.

Call GreatBuildz to connect you with a Great Insurance Claim Contractor

Its not your insurance company’s responsibility to find you a reliable, honest insurance claim contractor. So, it will be up to you to source, interview and screen contractors in order to find a good one that is willing to work on an insurance claim or property damage. This is often a challenging task, but GreatBuildz can help.

We’ve created a network of reputable, local contractors who have passed our rigorous screening process and signed our Contractor Code of Conduct. We’ll match you with three of our pros that are the right fit for your project and are experienced in working with insurance claim projects. And if you use one of our contractors for your home repair, our concierge staff will continue to support you throughout the entire project, so you’re never alone.

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If you’re searching for the ideal contractor for your insurance claim repair or property damage, GreatBuildz can help. Our free service connects you with thoroughly screened general contractors who can be trusted for quality and reliability in Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura Counties. Call 818-317-3567 to get started.

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Home Insurance Claim Repair FAQs

What is a Restoration Contractor?

A restoration contractor is a professional who can remediate a property in the case of emergency; ie. deal with a water leak, flood, or fire/smoke damage at your home. Restoration contractors don’t necessarily need a license from the Contractor’s State License Board. They are certified to do this type of remediation work.

What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor maintains a “B” license from the CA state contractors license board; which allows them to take on projects with multiple trades. These include but are not limited to roofing, plumbing, flooring, drywall, carpentry, etc. These pros are skilled and licensed to perform any home repair or rebuild necessary, even after an emergency property damage event.

What is a “covered peril”?

In your written insurance policy, a covered peril is a specific event that will be covered by the company. If your damage comes from an event that is not a covered peril, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for the damage.

Do I need a public adjuster?

You may want to hire a public adjuster if you aren’t getting the result you want by working directly with your insurance company. For a fee, they will help you work with your insurance company to recoup an appropriate amount of money to pay for your home’s damages.

Does my insurance company pay me or my contractor directly?

It depends on the insurance company. Some will pay you directly to resolve your claim while others will want to pay your contractor in stages of completion.

What do I look for in a good insurance claim contractor?

You’ll want to find an insurance claim contractor who 1) has experience with similar projects, 2) comes recommended, 3) has good reviews and client testimonials, 4) has been licensed and insured for at least three years, and 5) gives you a thorough estimate and breakdown of costs.

Do all contractors work on insurance claim projects?

No, a majority of licensed general contractors do not have experience working on property damage projects in conjunction with an insurance company claim. You should only work with contractors who have experience in this space.

Will my insurance company help me find a contractor?

Insurance companies usually have a list of local contractors, but they don’t tell you which contractor you need to hire. Insurance companies leave it to you to decide which contractor is best for you. Their role is to financially compensate you for your property damage loss.

Should I always hire a contractor recommended by my insurance company?

There is no requirement to hire a contractor off the list provided by the insurance company. Its probably a good idea to meet with a few contractors to find the best fit for you…some from their list and some that are not.

How many bids do I need to get for my insurance company?

Most insurance companies do not require you to get multiple bids. However, it may be a good idea to get three bids to show the adjuster that the amount you’re requesting from them matches up with several contractor estimates.