20 Tips To Ensure a Positive Remodeling Experience

Planning a remodel from start to finish takes a LOT of work. If you’ve every read through a remodeling checklist, you may already know about tasks like purchasing materials, developing blueprints/plans, hiring a contractor, and planning out the overall new space. However, a truly comprehensive checklist would be hundreds of items long – there are just so many things to prepare and consider through every step of the process!

Here at GreatBuildz, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners with their remodels… and we’ve also heard about many of the most common issues that arise during their projects. In order to ensure that you have the best experience possible, we’ve compiled our best pieces of advice while preparing for your remodeling project. Make sure to read both pages of tips below and feel free to download and print it to use for your next project.



20 Things You Should Do

for a Positive Remodeling Experience


  • Label your kitchen appliances or other fixtures you want to keep with a large note (KEEP THIS – NOT TRASH) in Spanish and English…and store them in a safe place.
  • Plan & document all your project requirements and expectations… don’t wing it or leave it all up to your contractor.
  • When disagreements arise, don’t stand on principle. Try to reach quick compromises that allow you and the contractor to meet in the middle (even if you don’t think it’s completely fair).
  • Always mark exactly where you want fixtures/etc. with tape on the wall or ceiling.
  • Do not make any contractor payments ahead of the agreed upon payment schedule.
  • Get copies of the contractor’s insurance docs, make sure they aren’t expired. Ask to be named ‘additional insured’ on contractor’s policy.
  • Be reasonable and flexible. Renovations are complicated and unpredictable, so try to have realistic expectations.
  • Document in writing as much as possible. If you have a verbal agreement with the contractor about something, send an email confirming your understanding.
  • Pay your contractor’s invoices in a timely manner when they are due.
  • Communicate with the contractor and crew in a respectful manner, but don’t be afraid to voice your expectations or frustrations.
  • Check your city/county permit website to ensure appropriate permits have been secured.
  • As soon as materials arrive at your home, check to verify they are correct and unbroken.
  • Regularly check for quality of construction. If you see quality issues, address them with the contractor right away.
  • Intermittently ask the contractor to see the city inspection card to ensure they are passing inspections.
  • Purchase or order materials in advance to reduce potential for delays. Select a backup material option that is ‘in-stock’ if your first option is unavailable.
  • If you’re worried about quality at the end of the job, hire a home inspector to review the work.
  • If you think a contractor’s extra charges (change orders) are unreasonable, do your own research online or ask someone knowledgeable (designer, architect, material vendor, etc.)
  • Walk the job weekly or bi-weekly with contractor.
  • Be kind/friendly to your contractor & crew. Consider offering them coffee, water, or lunch occasionally. This is a nice gesture that can result in better motivation, rapport & results.
  • Plan for the safety of your pets by creating clear instructions for your contractor/crew. (including a sign on the door of any rooms with pets)



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