Guide To Renovating With a Spouse

Renovating your home is in itself a stressful experience. Between finding the right contractor, deciding on a budget, and having workers in your home for weeks (if not months!), you can imagine how taxing the process can be from start to finish.

And if you’re planning the remodel with a significant other, get ready for the pressure the project may put on your relationship. You’ll likely be taking on different responsibilities and making many, MANY joint decisions throughout the process. This can understandably lead to disagreements, confusion, and potentially even added costs for your contractor.

In order to help you successfully navigate the exciting journey of remodeling with your significant other, we’ve put together this helpful guide below. Follow these recommended steps and visit the article below for more insights!

10 Things to Discuss with Your Spouse Before Starting a House Remodel

10 things to know when renovating with a spouse or partner

Top 10 Things To Discuss When Renovating With a Spouse

  1. Set some ground rules with your partner about selecting material/design choices.
  2. Agree on the method you’ll use to select the right contractor, so both partners are aligned.
  3. Agree whether you will be living at home or offsite during construction.
  4. Decide on conflict resolution methods in case of disagreements.
  5. Write down your ‘MUST HAVES’ and ‘nice to haves’. If you have to stretch your budget, you’ve agreed in advance about the priorities.
  6. Try to be aligned on your vision before starting… changing your mind in the middle of project will lead to delays and extra costs.
  7. Divide the various tasks between partners first. One partner should take the ‘lead’ in project oversight and contractor communication.
  8. Agree on a budget framework before you start & determine the limits of spending on extra costs.
  9. Be prepared that renovating will put stress on your relationship.
  10. Set expectations together about project delays and cost overruns.(Assume 20-25% contingency)

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