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What Is a Garage Conversion?

Garages are one of the most underused spaces in a home. Converting your garage into a functional living space can help you get the most out of this overlooked diamond in the rough while boosting your home’s resale value. A converted garage can also serve as a steady income source if you decide to rent it out. 

Whether you’re working from home and need a quiet office away from the kids or you’ve always wanted a game room or man cave, a great contractor can help bring your vision to life. A bad contractor, on the other hand, can leave you with a mess.

This is where GreatBuildz comes in.

Our free service connects you with reputable, vetted contractors who have impressive portfolios to boot. Don’t take chances with your project—let our team help you find an outstanding contractor.

Garage Home Addition

Types of Garage Conversions

Garages come in two varieties: attached and detached.

Attached garages are connected to the main house by at least one wall. Detached garages are standalone structures. You’ll need a building permit to convert one into a living space. The good news is that California has relaxed its rules on garage conversions in response to soaring home prices and land scarcity—and that means fewer restrictions for your project.

Your options for converting a garage are limited only by your imagination. Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Guest room/mother-in-law unit
  • Man cave or game room
  • Home gym/weight room
  • Kids’ room/teen hang out
  • Hobby room or space for collectibles
  • Home cinema

If you’re ready to turn your garage into a functional living space, all you need now is the right contractor. Let GreatBuildz connect you with a garage conversion expert in Los Angeles.

Garage Conversion Contractor Planning

Planning Your Garage Conversion

Converting your garage into a livable space is almost always quicker and less expensive than adding a room or building an accessory dwelling unit, since you’re dealing with an existing structure. Still, it’s a big project, and you want to have your ducks in a row before taking the plunge. These tips will help you avoid common renovation pitfalls.


Map out a plan. Do you want a self-contained guest house with a kitchen and bathroom, or will your converted garage simply be an extension of the main house? Jot down all your project must-haves and give the list to any contractors you’re considering. This way every estimate will be based on the same factors.


Determine your budget. Not mapping out a budget is the quickest way to cost overruns. Take some time to research how much other homeowners in your area paid for similar garage conversion projects. This will help you come up with a realistic budget.


Get three estimates. Reach out to at least three general contractors for estimates and ask to see portfolios of similar projects contractors have completed in your area.


Never pay more than a small deposit. In California, contractors can’t legally ask for more than a $1,000 deposit. If a contractor asks for more, they are violating the law.


Don’t be afraid to walk away. Just because a contractor shows up in a fancy truck or presents you with impressive-looking brochures doesn’t mean they’re the right company for the job. Watch out for red flags—like contractors who don’t return calls or who use aggressive sales tactics. If you feel uncomfortable, go with your gut and move on.

Let us help you find an outstanding home remodeling contractor

Why Use GreatBuildz to find a contractor for Your Garage Conversion Project?

We’ve heard just about every renovation nightmare story in the book. We know how frustrating it can be to end up with a bad contractor. It’s why we started our service.

We’re a team of real-life humans—not an algorithm or an app. We match you with pre-screened contractors who have passed our rigorous 10-point vetting process and who commit to our code of conduct

But our free service doesn’t end there. We provide you with ongoing support and guidance throughout your remodeling project. Our mission is to help you have a stress-free experience.

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 GreatBuildz Contractor services include:

Renovations & upgrades
Repairs & updates
Living Rooms
Pools and Outdoor Living
Gut remodel
Single Family homes
New Construction
2nd story
ADU and JADU (accessory dwelling unit)

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Garage Conversion ADU FAQs

How much does a garage conversion cost in Los Angeles?

A garage conversion in Los Angeles will cost roughly $75,000 – $125,000 depending on the size of the garage, its location, and the desired level of finishes.

Can I convert my garage into a living space in Los Angeles?

Yes. New state laws have allowed Los Angeles homeowners the ability to convert a garage into living space, and even rent it out.

Can a garage be converted into an ADU?

Yes. A garage can be converted to an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Los Angeles and the entire state of California. 

Do I have to provide parking for a garage ADU conversion?

No parking is not required for an ADU in Los Angeles (in most cases).

Can I rent a garage conversion ADU to a tenant?

Yes, you can rent an ADU to a tenant.

Must I live on the property?

No, you can rent both the main house and the ADU garage conversion. 

How much do garage conversion plans cost?

Depending on the size and complexity, full plans should cost between $5,000-$15,000.

Are there ways to save costs when building a garage conversion ADU?

Yes. See my other blog for 5 ways to save when building an ADU.

Are there ways to finance the costs of a garage conversion?

Yes. The options include getting a HELOC, A cash-out refinance, or a renovation loan.

How long does it take to build an ADU garage conversion?

Construction of a garage conversion will take 2-3 months.

Can I legalize an unpermitted garage conversion?

Yes, but you will need to create building plans and bring the ADU up to code and pay for the construction that is required.

What improvements must I make to my garage to convert it into an ADU?

That depends on the age and condition of your structure. A general contractor can give you information and direction on what needs to be done.  You may need to add structural supports to your framing, and/or you may need to add deepen foundations to portions of your garage slab.

Is building a garage conversion ADU a good investment?

It might be a good investment because you’ll get cash flow from renting it PLUS it adds to the value of your home.  See more guidance on my blog for real estate investors

How much does it cost to convert a garage into an apartment?

$85,000 – $125,000 is the average price of construction to convert a garage to an apartment, otherwise known as an ADU – accessory dwelling unit.