Top 10 Ways a Property Manager can Help Improve Your Homes

Owning properties is a perfect way to build equity while increasing your returns on investment. Even so, managing and improving these homes yourself to create more comfortable spaces and boost their value can be tedious and time-consuming.

You will most likely lose track of your maintenance schedules and other routine tasks, which can put off potential renters and buyers. Hiring a qualified property manager can not only give you peace of mind knowing that your homes are under close monitoring but also comes with tons of other benefits.

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This article examines the top 10 ways a property manager can help improve your homes.

Upgrade the Kitchen

kitchen upgrade for property manager

The kitchen is one of the rooms most tenants and home buyers pay close attention to. It needs to be modern and functional at the same time. Your property manager can add a kitchen island to the space to create more counter space, extra seating options, and additional storage. During the kitchen remodel, they can incorporate more electrical outlets into the island to provide full functionality.

In addition, the property manager can enhance the kitchen design by adding racks and proper shelving to the space above the counter to create a minibar. The racks and shelves can serve as storage for drinking glasses and the drinks themselves. If the kitchen cabinets are not in good condition, they can opt to paint or stain them to create an immediate effect.

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Repaints Your Walls

painting walls

Property managers know the perfect time to freshen up the walls of your properties with a coat of paint. This is not only the easiest way to improve your homes but also a perfect way to make them appear bigger and brighter. Freshly painted rooms also look updated and clean, creating a good first impression.

Most property managers have contacts with professional painters who deliver consistent, high-quality results. They also use neutral colors to appeal to the highest number of potential home renters and buyers.

Makes the Homes More Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient homes attract the lion’s share of homebuyers and tenants alike. Your Venice property management team can help you perform a home energy audit to identify areas that lead to high energy loss.

Making your home more energy efficient may involve replacing your light fixtures with energy-efficient options like LED bulbs. The experts can also air seal the gaps, cracks, and leaks in your homes and add insulation to save on home heating and cooling costs.

They can also install a programmable thermostat to adjust temperatures automatically to lower energy usage. Another upgrade may involve replacing your appliances with energy-efficient alternatives, such as dishwashers and refrigerators.

Thoroughly Cleans and Declutters

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to improve the value of your home. Simple tasks, such as cleaning and decluttering, can go a long way in making the space appear well-organized and up to standard.

Your property manager can make plans on how to clean your gutters, downspouts, windows, and exterior walls to boost the home’s curb appeal. Once a tenant vacates from a premise, they thoroughly clean the space in preparation for the next tenant.

Conducts Regular Maintenance and Repairs

How you maintain and present your homes determines their ultimate long-term success. Keeping up with all the maintenance requests and repairs can be challenging, especially if you own several homes. Professional property managers have invested in systems and software to track their maintenance schedules and ensure they conduct repairs quickly to avoid further damage.

These experts take time to inspect properties to identify plumbing problems, roof leaks, molds, rotting wood, and other issues and plan to fix them. It is also easy for tenants to reach out to them if they need repairs done urgently.

Invests in Smart Home Devices

smart home devices

Smart home accessories simplify property management, boost the property’s security and functionality, and lower energy bills.

Some smart home features you can consider adding to your properties include smart doorbells, automated window shades, programmable thermostats, surge protectors, smart security cameras, WiFi Extenders, and more.

Give Your Home’s Exterior the Attention It Deserves

modern home

The exterior appearance of your home is key to creating a good first impression. A qualified property management team can help boost your home’s curb appeal by working on the landscaping. Adding in the space some fresh greenery and flowers can make a difference.

Other exterior updates can include:

  • Updating the siding.
  • Changing the worn-out roof.
  • Adding a front porch.
  • Repainting the front door.
  • Replacing shutters.

Carry Out Bathroom Upgrades

A few changes to the bathrooms can yield a significant return on investment. Bathrooms undergo a lot of wear and tear, and a few upgrades can keep them functioning well.

Some cost-effective changes that a professional property manager can consider include replacing an outdated vanity, installing new flooring, and changing worn-out plumbing fixtures. You can also upgrade to low-flow or eco-friendly toilets to conserve water whenever the toilets are flushed. The manager can also opt to spruce up the bathroom space with some plants and mirrors.

modern bathroom

Develops a More Usable Space

A good property manager can help you develop a more usable space by optimizing your existing designs. For instance, they can add a bar rail to your deck to come up with a unique sitting bench for dining outdoors.

Additionally, rather than having a typical built-in cabinet, your property manager can help you create pull-out cabinets for enhanced home uniqueness, added storage space, and extra countertops. This works perfectly for homeowners who work on a budget.

Stages Your Homes

If you plan to list your homes for sale, your property manager can help you stage them. Home staging involves preparing your residence to make the space more appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. This enables you to sell homes more swiftly and for a higher price.

In a recent survey among real estate agents in the United States, 82% of respondents stated that staging a home made it easy for home buyers to visualize it as their future property. Besides, about 41% of respondents said that the majority of potential buyers would willingly visit a home they saw online because of staging.

Some home staging services include decluttering, depersonalization, repainting, and adding rented furnishings. Your property manager can help you determine the staging options that can most impact the home’s value.

Final Thought

Working with an experienced property manager will help improve your home’s value and get the highest return on investment. These experts will help you identify home improvements with the most impact and advice you on what to prioritize, depending on your budget. You will also save time for other important matters as the professionals care for your properties.

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