The Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Los Angeles

A kitchen remodel is one of the most impactful home improvement projects there is. The kitchen tends to be the hub of the home, and a renovation is a great opportunity to truly make it your own. Kitchen updates also can improve your home’s market value, so it’s crucial to hire only reputable kitchen-remodel contractors who will treat you and your property with respect, attention, and stellar workmanship.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura & San Diego with reliable general contractors, we get inquiries every day from homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen – here are some key points you need to know.

Kitchen remodeling projects are a significant investment. In Southern California, you can expect to pay between $30,000 for smaller remodels to upwards of $100,000 for a full renovation complete with high-end appliances and designer fixtures. (To help you start planning your own kitchen remodel, we’ve created a handy kitchen remodel checklist.)

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The Importance of Hiring Good Kitchen Remodel Contractors

To that end, it’s important to hire reputable kitchen-remodel contractors. This professional will know all the ins and outs of kitchen remodels — from designing the project to obtaining the necessary permits, sourcing quality materials to hiring skilled subcontractors, and — importantly — communicating with you throughout the completion of the project to ensure your expectations are met.

But finding the right kitchen contractor can be a challenge. There are more than 20,000 licensed general contractors in Los Angeles County alone. If you’re lucky, a friend or family member can recommend a contractor they’ve enjoyed working with. That’s a great place to start, but ideally, you’ll collect bids from at least three licensed general contractors. If you don’t have any other leads, that can mean a lot of time scrolling online reviews and portfolios. 

And if you don’t do your due diligence in confirming a contractor’s qualifications and experience prior to hiring, you could end up having to hire someone else later on down the road to fix costly — and in some instances dangerous — mistakes.

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At GreatBuildz, we know your time is valuable. So we’ve developed an easier way to connect homeowners with vetted and verified kitchen remodel contractors. Simply call and tell us about your plans and your kitchen remodel budget and our contractor concierge service will get to work matching you with three licensed general contractors taking new clients in your area. Whether you’re in Ventura County, Orange County, or elsewhere in the Los Angeles area, we can connect you with the best local home improvement pros. 

Each contractor in the GreatBuildz network has passed a rigorous screening process that includes an in-person interview, reference checks, and verification of licensure and insurance. Upon passing, each person is required to sign our 20-point code of conduct, which outlines expectations regarding professionalism and customer service. Our aim is to make sure all our general contractors are not only well-qualified but also a joy to work with.

How Many Kitchen Remodel Contractors Should I Meet With?

We highly recommend you reach out to each of the three general contractors you’re matched with to request bids. Comparing multiple proposals — also called bid scoping — is an important step that ensures you’re paying a fair price for the work being completed. Kitchen contractors are just humans like the rest of us and they have their own personalities. It’s important to find a kitchen contractor that seems to be a good fit for you. If you don’t seem to find the right contractor fit from the first three you meet with, don’t be shy about meeting with more kitchen companies. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision quickly. In most cases, if you feel rushed by the kitchen contractor to sign a contract, they may not be the best option for you. 

A reputable kitchen remodel contractor will always submit bids in writing. When you’re ready to compare and contrast, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

    • Be realistic about your budget.  These days, we’re seeing high costs for both materials and labor. The same kitchen remodel completed in 2020 could be significantly more expensive in 2022. Before you solicit bids, it’s a good idea to research costs to ensure your budget is in line with your project’s scope and scale. 
    • Break down the bids. Don’t just look at the bottom line. We recommend breaking down bids to show what each contractor will charge for labor, materials, unit costs, and other considerations. This will help you form a clear idea of what you’ll really be paying for when the project is completed.
    • Don’t be shy about asking for clarification. After you’ve reviewed the bids, you might have comments, questions, or concerns. Take detailed notes and set up calls with the contractors to review them. In some instances, a contractor might resubmit a bid to bring the project more in line with your expectations. 

We understand there’s much to consider when choosing the winning bid, so our service team is always available to guide you through the process. And it doesn’t stop there. We’ll be in touch throughout the completion of your project to make sure you’re fully satisfied every step of the way.

The Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Los Angeles 1

Ready to meet some of the friendly faces you might encounter when hiring GreatBuildz kitchen to remodel contractors?

Here are a few of our top-rated general contractors:


general-contractor-remodel-los-angeles-california-GreatBuildz Contractors-Joel P

Joel P: Joel is the kind of pro who takes the time to get to know and understand his clients, who say his calm demeanor and pragmatic approach make him a pleasure to work with. With 12 years of experience, Joel has earned a reputation for top-quality work and client satisfaction.



general-contractor-remodel-los-angeles-california-GreatBuildz Contractors-Curtis M

Curtis M.: If you’re an HGTV fan, you might have seen Curtis on “House Hunters Renovation.” His good-natured personality makes him a natural for television. Off-camera, he has 19 years of experience and has proven his commitment to providing a positive experience for every client. 



The Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Los Angeles 2

Bryan C.: The first thing you’ll notice about Bryan is his fun, easy-going personality, and positive energy. But once it’s time to get to work, you’ll find he’s a straight shooter — always upfront and honest. Clients say his staff and crew are organized, professional, and clean. Bryan has 17 years of experience.



Best General Contractors in LA Sharon

Sharon C.: Sharon has been in the home-improvement business for 27 years. When she’s not helping her clients build their dream homes, she’s serving others in her profession and in her community. She serves as the local chapter president of the National Association of Minority Contractors, and she makes it a point to provide construction support to low-income clients and seniors. 




Chris C.: As one half of a husband-and-wife design/build team, Chris brings a hands-on approach to project details and design. Clients say they appreciate his patience and empathy and that he’s quick to respond to their needs. It’s no wonder he’s been a favorite for 21 years. 




When it comes to remodeling your home or planning exterior projects, you shouldn’t have to go it alone – GreatBuildz can help simplify your renovation experience.


GreatBuildz is a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura or San Diego with reliable, thoroughly screened general contractors and provides project support from start to finish. Call now (818.317.3567) to chat with a real person about your kitchen remodeling project or visit our website for more information:

Hi, we're Paul and Jon - Co-Founders of GreatBuildz. We believe everyone deserves to find a great contractor, have a stress-free renovation, and enjoy their beautiful new space. There are so many contractors out there and it's often hard to tell the good from the bad... until it's too late. We started our company to help simplify your contractor search and help you have a stress-free renovation experience. We're always available to help, no matter where you are in the process. Click here to learn more about our story.

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