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Senate Bill 9 (SB 9), also known as the HOME ACT, is a huge step toward addressing the housing crisis in California. This comprehensive guide provides essential information on SB 9 in Los Angeles, covering everything property owners need to know about this legislation and its impact on property development. From qualifications and benefits to guidelines and procedures, this guide serves as a valuable resource for navigating SB 9 and understanding its implications for property owners in the Los Angeles area.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects property owners with reliable general contractors, we get inquiries all the time about construction and ADU guidelines from property owners – read below to learn more about the changing ADU guidelines in California with the introduction of Senate Bill 9.

What is SB9 in Los Angeles?

Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) holds significant implications for property owners in Los Angeles. SB 9, enacted on January 1st, 2022 in California, aims to address the state’s housing crisis by promoting increased housing density and expanding opportunities for property development. 

In Los Angeles, SB 9 allows eligible property owners to subdivide their lots into two separate parcels and construct up to two additional residential units on each parcel. Prior to SB 9, homeowners could build one home with up to one ADU and one Junior ADU. Because of SB 9, homeowners can now build two homes, two ADUs, and two JADUs on a single lot.

what is SB9

Qualifications for SB 9 in LA

To take advantage of the opportunities presented by SB 9 in Los Angeles, property owners must meet certain qualifications. These include:

  • The property must be located in a residential zoning district
  • The property should have an existing single-family dwelling or be capable of supporting one
  • Property owners must adhere to design and development standards, ensuring that the additional units comply with local building codes and regulations

The lot size requirements differ based on the current zoning classification, and specific guidelines are provided by the City of Los Angeles.

SB 9 zoning classifications

Benefits of Using SB 9 for Property Owners

Utilizing SB 9 in Los Angeles can offer numerous benefits for property owners. Firstly, SB 9 allows property owners to increase housing density on their lots, thereby addressing the pressing need for more housing options in the city. By subdividing their property and constructing additional residential units, property owners can contribute to the growth and development of their communities. 

Moreover, SB 9 provides an opportunity for property owners to generate rental income or accommodate extended family members while maintaining the primary residence. This can help alleviate financial burdens and create more flexible living arrangements. Additionally, SB9 enables property owners to maximize the value of their land and potentially generate long-term wealth through property development. 

SB 9 benefits and impact on families

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SB 9 Guidelines and Procedures

The City of Los Angeles has established guidelines and procedures to facilitate the implementation of SB 9. These guidelines provide detailed instructions for property owners on how to proceed with their development plans. 

Property owners must submit an application to the appropriate city department, accompanied by necessary documentation and fees. The guidelines outline the specific requirements for design, construction, and compliance with local regulations. They also address considerations such as parking, landscaping, and utility connections. 

Property owners are encouraged to thoroughly review these guidelines and seek professional assistance, such as from architects or consultants, to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. By following the established procedures and guidelines, property owners can navigate the development process smoothly and achieve successful outcomes with their SB 9 projects.

SB 9 application form

Frequently Asked Questions about SB 9 in LA

As property owners explore the possibilities of SB 9 in Los Angeles, they often have several common questions. 

Some frequently asked questions include:

What are ADUs and JADUs?

ADUs are separate housing structures on the same property as the main house. JADUs are Junior Accessory Dwelling Units within a single-family residence, limited to 500 square feet.

What are the eligibility criteria for SB 9?

SB 9 is available for properties in R1 and OP1 zoning areas. Properties in hazard zones, historic districts, or price-controlled units are ineligible. Properties subject to the Ellis Act within the past 15 years or requiring the removal of more than 25% of existing structure walls are also ineligible.

What regulations must be met for LAFD when building ADUs or homes?

LAFD Hydrants and Access Unit will review and approve proposals for single-family residential and two-unit developments. Requirements include access to residential units, suitable fire hydrants, fire lanes, turnarounds, and adherence to construction or sprinkler regulations.

Can SB 9 be used if multiple units are already permitted on a property?

No, SB 9 only applies to single-family residential zones. However, adding additional ADUs may be possible for properties with existing multifamily units.

What water and power considerations apply to homes or ADUs on split urban lots?

When building new residences on a lot created by an Urban Lot Split, water and power supply will be necessary. The cost of equipment modifications may be the responsibility of the customer, depending on the requested load increase and existing DWP infrastructure in the area. Approval from LADWP is required for any development within public utility easements or near poles and equipment. Water service may need to be established prior to purchasing a new water service.

Are there any considerations for SB 9 projects on RSO properties with tenants?

Tenants on RSO properties may be eligible for rent reductions if SB 9 projects reduce their access to amenities. Proper consideration should be given to the impact on tenants’ living spaces and amenities during the planning process.

The City of Los Angeles provides a comprehensive FAQ document that addresses many of these inquiries and more, providing clarity on various aspects of SB9. 

Resources and Support for SB 9 in LA

For property owners seeking further guidance and support regarding SB 9 in Los Angeles, there are several valuable resources available. The Planning Department of the City of Los Angeles provides an official website dedicated to development services and Senate Bill 9. This website offers detailed information, forms, and guidelines related to SB 9, ensuring property owners have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Property owners can also consider consulting with professionals experienced in land use planning, architecture, or real estate development. These experts can provide personalized guidance, help navigate the complex process of utilizing SB9, and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

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