9 Ways To Make Renovation Plans Around Moving Into Your New Home

People don’t always find their dream homes right away. Sometimes they need to make renovation plans to create a residence that suits their needs. You may want to make renovation plans and upgrade your current house before moving or add to a new one you don’t live in yet. Here’s how to plan your renovations around moving into your new home so it’s an easy experience that works with your schedule.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura & San Diego with reliable general contractors, we get inquiries every day from homeowners looking to remodel before moving in – here are some key points you need to know.

Label Boxes Specifically

Boxes for Renovation Plans

Big renovation projects always involve boxing up your belongings. You’ll need an easy way to organize them if the work is happening in your home or if you’re moving to a new property. Either way, you’ll likely live out of boxes for a while.

Use a permanent marker to label each box with everything inside so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find your things. You’ll know exactly which container has your coffee mugs and bathroom towels, making life much easier while you’re waiting for renovation work to finish.

 Double-Check Your Permits

Permits for Renovation Plans

Homeowners have to get a permit before their renovation work begins most of the time. Check with your city’s building department or your county’s governmental branch. Permits typically cost around $50 for small projects and can be hundreds of dollars for more significant renovations. 

Applying for and receiving the permits may take a few days or weeks, so factor that potential delay into your plans. Communicating with your local government office will streamline this step of the process so your renovation plans can start as soon as possible. 

 Rethink Your Routine

Routines for Renovation Plans

Even the most experienced team of contractors will need time to complete your renovation. They’ll give you an estimated timeline of days, weeks, or months, depending on what you want them to do. It’s challenging to live with that kind of disruption if the renovations are happening where you live.

Think about how the work will change your routine to plan around it. For example, kitchen remodeling projects often take six to eight weeks to complete, disrupting daily routines for longer than many people expect. It’ll be easier to adapt to the changes by creating a meal-prepping schedule that requires minimal cooking or moving your fridge to the garage so you can access it without entering the construction zone.

Schedule Deliveries Carefully

Renovation Plans Delivery Schedule

Upgrading your new home is exciting, but you may also need to install new appliances that didn’t come with the house. Schedule those deliveries carefully. The installation team will need space to access your laundry room if you order a new washer and dryer unit. That work gets complicated if your renovation occurs in the hallway they have to walk through. 

If contractors replace your roof, you will also need to rethink your satellite TV installation. Experts can’t install the dish if the contractors haven’t placed the roofing materials yet. Consider what you’ll need in your new home and how they might clash with your upcoming renovations to schedule deliveries or work at optimal times.

 Check In With Your Contractors About Your Renovation Plans

Checking in with Contractors about Renovation Plans

Many things can go wrong with a renovation timeline. Your builder could experience shipping delays related to supply chain shortages. These disruptions caused 90% of builders to slow their projects in 2021. Those issues will continue as the supply chain struggles with COVID-19-related staffing and production issues.

Check-in with your contractors frequently to verify they’re on schedule. You can plan other things accordingly. You’ll never have to cancel your housewarming party or reschedule your moving team if you’re up to date on your renovation timeline.

It’s also less frustrating to start your renovation work by accepting that the schedule isn’t guaranteed. Anything can happen after the work begins, and delays are often out of the contractor’s hands. Understanding this will make it easier to adapt to any changes they need to make to your construction timeline.

Tackle What You’ll Need First

Tackling the Most Important Renovation Plans First

Start with whatever job will most affect your life if you have multiple renovations happening at your new home. Living room and kitchen upgrades are exciting, but which is more important to you? Getting your kitchen back will help your family return to their usual routine, rather than completing the living room and waiting additional weeks or months for your finished kitchen.

 Update Your Real Estate Agent On Your Renovation Plans

Updating Real Estate Agent on Renovation Plans

Many people schedule renovations to properties they’re about to move into. Your real estate agent will need to know your contractor’s schedule and delays, even if they’re only selling your current house. 

A construction delay will affect when you can close with your buyer and move onto the new property. Your agent can plan those things according to your construction updates. Forgetting to keep them in the loop could cause problems like having to move out before your new home is ready. You’ll have to live in a rental house or hotel room, which may not work with your budget.

 Stick With What’s Necessary

Identifying Necessary Renovation Plans

Some renovations may be more necessary than others. If you’re adding an extra bedroom, you can’t move into the house or start using the room until your contractors finish the drywall. However, you could move into a home without a washer and dryer unit because those are easy to install afterward.

If you’re waiting to move into your newly renovated home, only hire contractors for what’s necessary. You can always find more budget-friendly help or installations that work with your schedule. The workers finishing that new bedroom don’t have to be the same team that installs your washer and dryer. Sticking with what’s necessary will reduce how much time you have to wait to complete your dream house.

 Make Your Home Renovation Plans

Discussing Renovation Plans with Real Estate Agent

Consider your upcoming schedule and budget when planning home renovations. You’ll find the best contractors for the job if they meet those needs. Don’t forget to loop your real estate agent into the process and strategize the work based on your routine. You’ll create the best renovation plans possible by thinking things through before getting started.

When it comes to finding the best renovation contractor in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura or San Diego – GreatBuildz is simplifying the contractor search. GreatBuildz is a free service that connects homeowners with reliable, thoroughly screened general contractors and provides project support from start to finish.


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