Most Popular Residential Remodel Projects in 2024

Residential remodeling projects have always been a regular part of homeownership, but for a number of reasons, they have been increasingly popular in recent years, and 2023 is looking like it will continue that trend. With the increasing demand for more space and a widespread emphasis on maximizing the quality of life in one’s home, homeowners are looking to upgrade their living spaces with a variety of projects. 

From creating home offices and accessory apartments to outdoor living spaces and upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens, there is no shortage of options when it comes to residential remodeling.

Plenty of resources are available to source inspiration, research costs and permit requirements, and even find clever room addition ideas for your home, so the only limitations are the space in your home and your available budget.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular residential remodel projects that are in progress or in the works in countless homes around North America.

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Residential Remodeling Projects in Los Angeles Home

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Space Residential Remodel

One of the most popular home remodel projects in 2023 doesn’t actually take place inside the home: creating a comfortable outdoor living space by adding decks, patios, hardscaping, and landscaping to yards is a great way to make your home a place you never want to leave. Homeowners have been increasingly investing in creating an indoor-outdoor living experience that works well for them. 

Decks and porches provide a great way to extend the inside of your home out into the backyard while still having enough space to relax. Implementing an outdoor oasis design for waterfront homes or adding hardscaping and xeriscaping to arid-climate homes can increase value and maximize your enjoyment of the home.

Stone patios can be added to existing decks or laid directly on the ground. Hardscaping is also becoming more popular as it adds texture and colour to any outdoor area by incorporating features such as retaining walls, fire pits, pathways, seating areas, or even water features. 

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Lastly, landscaping is one of the best ways to add visual interest and create a sense of privacy in any outdoor space. By planting shrubs and trees around the perimeter, you can ensure privacy while enjoying some time outdoors with friends and family.

Landscape Contractor in Los Angeles

With all these options, turning any backyard into a beautiful oasis is as easy as it is popular.

Home Offices

If you’re looking to upgrade your workspace in 2023, you’re in good company; many homeowners are considering transforming their sheds, garages, spare bedrooms, or any extra space into a home office. Home offices are becoming increasingly popular as more people work from home on a regular basis.

Remote and hybrid remote jobs are increasingly common, and many have found that having their own space dedicated to work helps them stay focused and productive while at home. Constructing an office in your home can be relatively cost-effective when compared to other renovation endeavors, and there is also room for innovation by using materials like reclaimed wood or recycled furniture. 

Home Office Residential Remodeling

Moreover, the advantages of having a dedicated workspace extend beyond enhanced productivity. Research indicates that taking periodic breaks during the day can decrease stress levels and enhance mental health. By establishing a designated area for work, you will find it easier to disconnect from your job and unwind when the need arises.

Plus, having an attractive home office adds value to your property should you ever decide to sell.

With so many advantages of installing a home office, it’s no wonder why this residential remodel is so popular in 2023. Whether you decide to build one yourself or hire professionals for the project, setting up a personal workspace will make working from home much easier and more enjoyable.

 Bathroom & Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen Residential Renovations Countertop

Expect to see custom cabinetry with hidden built-ins springing up in bathrooms and kitchens this year. With a widespread focus on functional renovations, more and more homeowners are prioritizing these areas of their homes for upgrades.

These projects will involve updating cabinetry, countertops, light fixtures, and faucets and replacing old appliances. A seamless look can be achieved in both bathrooms and kitchens by including hidden features such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and pantries that blend into the surroundings.

built-in refrigerator

Appliances with a modern aesthetic are popular choices for homeowners looking to update their spaces while keeping up with current trends.

Smart technology will make its way into many of these remodeling projects as homeowners seek ways to make their lives easier through automation.

Accessory Apartments/Multi-Dwelling Residences

You can easily create separate living spaces for multiple generations or renters within a single home by adding accessory apartments or transforming homes into multi-dwelling residences.

These dwellings—whether attached or detached—can offer privacy, independence and autonomy to each family member or renter while still providing the convenience of being under one roof or on one piece of property.

For example, an accessory apartment could be added onto the side of a house with its own entrance, kitchen, and bathroom; this provides an independent living space while still allowing access to the main house.

Fully detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are another option—the popularity of which has been exploding in recent years—for homeowners with sufficient yard space.

ADUs are highly valuable and desirable as they are entirely separate homes, ensuring autonomy and independence for the inhabitants. Adding an ADU can be more expensive than an accessory apartment as they typically require more materials and run new water and power lines, but their rentability is exceptionally high, and they can add considerable value to a home.

ADU Contractors Los Angeles, CA

Alternatively, multi-dwelling residences can be created by transforming an existing space to create two separate yet connected homes under one roof. This can involve reconfiguring rooms and floor plans and adding separate entrances and kitchens if needed. Both options are becoming increasingly popular due to rising real estate costs and interest rates.

By incorporating an accessory apartment or multi-dwelling residence into their homes, homeowners can benefit from increased rental income or extra space for family members without needing to move out or find another property. This is especially beneficial for those who want to stay close to their families yet have some degree of independence at the same time.

It also provides much-needed flexibility when it comes to accommodating guests or dealing with other changes that may arise over time.

With these renovations continuing to trend in 2023, it’s no wonder more people are looking into ways they can maximize their current space while creating a comfortable living environment for everyone involved.

The Sky’s the Limit for Home Remodeling

As 2023 rolls on, residential remodeling projects are being started, being finished, or currently in the works.

Home offices provide more comfort and convenience to work-from-home professionals, while bathroom and kitchen upgrades create luxurious havens for homeowners. Multi-dwelling residences and outdoor living spaces offer new ways to maximize one’s property. All these projects not only improve a home’s aesthetic appeal but can also increase its value.

With all these exciting options available, it’s easy to see why residential remodeling is quickly becoming a priority for many homeowners. 

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