How to Prepare a Kitchen Remodel Budget in Los Angeles

If there is one thing that overwhelms many homeowners who want to renovate, it’s coming up with a budget for a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is a special room in every home, and everyone wants to give it the adequate attention it deserves. A kitchen remodel budget in Los Angeles varies depending on the homeowner’s needs, budget, preferences, among other things. The benefits are increased home value, modernization, energy savings, and improved functionality.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura or San Diego with reliable general contractors, we speak to homeowners every day about planning their desired kitchen remodel – here are some ideas & tips on budgeting to get you started.

How Much to Budget for a Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles

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The general cost of a full kitchen remodel in Los Angeles ranges from $40,000 to $70,000+. Thus, when giving your kitchen a facelift, expect your budget to be not less than this rough cost range. Some large, extravagant kitchens can cost up to $100,000 and we’ve seen some small kitchens completed for as low as $30,000 when the project scope is limited.

However, the cost varies depending on factors like the layout of your kitchen and the extent of your remodel plan. Other variables to keep in mind when estimating the price of a kitchen renovation include the following:


The cost of living varies in different states, cities, counties, and even neighborhoods, which can influence the cost of your kitchen remodeling. A kitchen remodel budget in Los Angeles will be higher than in other parts of the country because of the high cost of living in Southern California. 

Finish Quality and Materials

The quality of construction and installation has a significant impact on the cost of a kitchen remodel. If you’re looking to hire highly skilled designers and installers, you can expect to pay more. Experienced professionals use quality materials, and they don’t shortchange the finish quality.  The material quality/cost will obviously impact your kitchen renovation budget.  

Size of the Project

If you’re changing the size and configuration of your kitchen, your budget will be higher. Also, changing the structural elements of the kitchen, like adding or removing walls, will increase the budget cost by a more significant margin. 

Project Management

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Effective management and professional project planning require time and expertise. Thus, if you expect to need more project support and help with material selections, be ready to pay more.

A kitchen remodel budget spreadsheet enables you to accurately plan, arrange, calculate, and come up with accurate estimates for your project.

Creating a Kitchen Budget Scope and Checklist

Before you even think of a kitchen remodel budget, you’ll need a plan and a general idea of what you want to achieve. This involves creating a list of the things you want to be included in the remodel. 

Now, because a kitchen remodel is a custom project, the scope and checklist will vary for different homeowners in LA. The primary goal of creating a kitchen budget scope and checklist is to help you to focus on your essential needs and prevent budget overruns.

Here’s a breakdown of a basic kitchen remodel checklist:

  • Cabinetry – Hardware, installation, material selection, and many more.
  • Appliances –  Microwaves, dishwasher, fridge, ovens, among others.
  • Lighting – Ceiling/task lighting options, decorative lighting fixtures.
  • Plumbing – Kitchen sink, garbage disposal, pot filler, faucet(s).
  • Countertops – cabinet and island counters
  • Electrical/HVAC/Gas – New electrical outlets, new electrical circuits, relocate or add HVAC register locations.
  • Demolition – Removing the old cabinets, lighting, flooring, and anything you don’t like in your kitchen

The most important thing is identifying your needs and listing them on a printable kitchen remodel template

The checklist helps you decide on the scope of your project and the quantity of materials needed for the project. If you’re unsure what to include on the list, you might want to involve an expert, perhaps an architect or a designer. 

Ways to Save Costs on Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

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Some homeowners spend more upgrading their kitchens due to poor planning and budgeting. However, a few things could help cut down costs and make this popular home improvement project more affordable. Even if you have enough funds, you don’t need to spend on unnecessary things. Here are some tips to save costs on your kitchen remodel budget.

1. Maintain the Layout

Many will want to change their kitchen layout and update its look. While it is a good move, it costs more to alter a kitchen layout which could drive up your budget. However, retaining the same structure while updating the other elements could cut you some slack on your budget.

If possible, do not move any plumbing as it will raise the project’s cost. 

2. Consider Refurbished or Discounted Items

Combining both old and new elements during a kitchen remodel might help you save on cost. Various online stores are selling refurbished kitchen appliances at a slightly lower price. For instance, buying a slightly used refrigerator might save you some cash if the item functions appropriately. 

3. Compare Costs

Before you buy anything for your kitchen remodel, compare its price with different sellers. Take a few minutes to browse and compare item prices from various home improvement centers, appliance stores, and discount retailers. The same also goes when searching for a contractor!

How to Get an Estimate for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Every homeowner has varying needs and preferences for a kitchen remodel. This explains why it is daunting to get an exact quote for your project. This is the time to bring a few general contractors to provide estimates. Experienced and professional contractors will give accurate estimates of the cost for your project, as long as you are clear and direct with your desires.

A kitchen remodel cost calculator also comes in handy when estimating how much to pay for the project.

Alternatively, you can ask someone, perhaps a neighbor or friend who recently had a similar project, to provide insight into the cost. Also, online sources can provide some general cost guidance for updating your kitchen… just make sure the prices are for your local area, i.e. in Los Angeles, not in a different state or country-wide.

Finding a Good Kitchen Contractor to Bid Your Kitchen Remodel

The choice of a kitchen contractor has a significant influence on your budget and the project. A good contractor understands your vision and needs for your kitchen remodel. 

There are many contractors in Los Angeles, but not all will be ideal for your kitchen remodel project. Some tips for finding a kitchen contractor are listed below.

1. Get Referrals

Family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, and other contractors are some of the people who can point you in the right direction when looking for referrals. This can be helpful, especially if the person has worked with the contractor before.

2. Past Work

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Any experienced kitchen contractor has proof of their expertise and quality. Therefore, when looking for a kitchen remodel expert, ask for a portfolio and examine the contractor’s past projects. Look at the blueprints, sketches, photos, and kitchen styles in the portfolio. You also want to select a kitchen contractor that has been licensed for at least three years, because that tells you they have the experience to do the job right.

3. Look at the Credentials

State and local licensing are a must-have for any kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. It’s a good idea to determine the license status of a particular contractor before doing business with them. Ensure all the insurance paperwork and certifications are in order before allowing a contractor to provide an estimate for your kitchen remodel.

Set Your Kitchen Remodel Budget in Los Angeles

Kitchen renovations are an excellent way to upgrade your kitchen space and to increase your home’s value. Finding the right contractor and getting an accurate estimate of the kitchen remodel budget in Los Angeles is the starting point of a successful kitchen remodel. Make sure to invite at least three reputable kitchen contractors to your home in order to get bids. Don’t just pick the first one you find on Yelp or in your junk mail ads. Finally, you’ll have to carefully review each of the bids to make certain they include and exclude the same items. Check out this important blog about comparing contractor bids.

When it comes to planning and coordinating a kitchen remodel for your home, you shouldn’t have to go it alone – GreatBuildz can help simplify your remodel experience.


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