What Kitchen Countertops Will Be in Style For 2024?

If you’re curious about what kitchen countertops are in style for 2024, the answer is easy. The trends for this year favor durable, practical, attractive, and eco-friendly materials. The only thing left is to explore countertop ideas and choose the one that best suits your personality, home budget, and cooking style.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, or San Diego with reliable kitchen contractors, we speak to homeowners every day about planning for their desired kitchen remodel – here are some trends for countertops to get you started.

What Kitchen Countertops Will Be in Style For 2024? 1

There’s a kitchen for every cook

Every successful kitchen renovation project starts with introspection. Although it may sound odd, the kitchen is a room that reflects your character and most of your habits. If you appreciate the warmth and coziness of the traditional kitchen, you will avoid the minimalist single-color high-tech design trend. And if the only time you will cook is to impress your in-laws for Thanksgiving, then you don’t need the most durable countertop in the market.

You are not meant to renovate your kitchen every couple of years either. While there is nothing wrong with having a practical and trendy kitchen at the same time, remodels that encompass both concepts are expensive. However, if you’re preparing for an overdue kitchen remodel, feast your eyes on the following ideas. A unique kitchen design with functional and eye-catching elements rarely goes out of style. This is where kitchen countertops (followed closely by cabinetry and flooring) come into the spotlight.

Quartz, marble, and stone countertops

Natural stone is one of the indispensable materials when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops. But what makes it stylish over and over again is a novel way of implementation. It is not enough to put a stone slab over your cabinets and kitchen island anymore. The hot trends see the same stone used as a backsplash and accents around windows.

But that is not nearly all. Natural stone is mixed with marble, creating a play of colors and textures. This artful combination is followed by single-colored matte cabinetry. The colors? The bright yellow or joyous orange tones will not take over but show off your countertop.

What Kitchen Countertops Will Be in Style For 2024? 2

Quartz, on the other hand, doesn’t need an introduction. It reigns supreme in the countertop market due to its durability, hygienic properties, and vast offer of unique designs. When you add to it that new trends involve quartz composites that not only keep the excellent traits of their predecessors but are more beautiful and more eco-friendly, the choice seems clear. As a cherry on top, invest in trendy task lighting, and a quartz countertop will be a focal point of your kitchen for many years to come.

Wooden and bamboo countertops

If there is one material that is synonymous with warmth, comfort, a family atmosphere, and good food, it is (FSC-certified) wood. Despite the sturdiness, the current method of lumber treatment provides to wooden countertops, these elements are still delicate. They are not entirely immune to scratches or excessive heat and require regular refinishing.

However, if you care for it properly, your wooden countertop will reward you manifold. It is easy to combine with most kitchen flooring materials and cabinet styles and colors to form a stylish result. Most notably, shiny brass elements emphasize the beauty of matte hardwood. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as mixing complementing materials in the kitchen is a current design trend.

When you think of bamboo, you probably don’t have a beautiful, sturdy countertop in mind. Perhaps you haven’t heard of Phyllostachys edulis, but Moso bamboo should ring a bell. With fibers so dense they can dull knives, you might wonder who needs protection there. With their natural feel, well-known antibacterial properties, and high resistance to wear and tear, bamboo counters are snatching the hearts of millennial homeowners. There is no doubt that kitchen countertops will be in style for 2024 because wood is making a big comeback, and bamboo a grand appearance.

Recycled paper (yes, paper!) and composite eco-friendly kitchen countertops

And just when you thought that cellulose couldn’t give you more, here they come – recycled paper countertops. The petroleum-free resin used to bind the fibers provides the material with steel-like strength. A variety of colors allows them to fit into every functional kitchen and make it stand out. Add to it the fact that these countertops are also eco-friendly, and you have something else to brag about except your cooking.

If you follow the trends set by major paint companies, green is the color of the year 2024. The soothing quality of the soft green shades works best with the bold structure of composite countertop materials.

What Kitchen Countertops Will Be in Style For 2024? 3

When considering composite materials, consider mixing recycled glass and concrete, glass and quartz, or glass and any other compatible material. The effect is stunning. And even more remarkable are the properties of these eco-friendly composite counters. Resistant to cuts and excessive heat, they bring together what first-time homebuyers appreciate the most: delicate elegance unspoiled by strength and durability.

A few important things to keep in mind

Just like most other products, kitchen countertops come with a warranty. These warranties range in length, but they should cover manufacturing defects. If you plan to invest in a stylish counter, inform yourself first. And then do your best to treat it properly but don’t hesitate to claim the manufacturer’s warranty if needed.

Keep your kitchen inventory safe during the renovation

You may be familiar with practical and affordable short-term storage units during your previous home relocation. But short-term storage has many other perks, including safekeeping your kitchen furniture, accessories, and appliances in optimal condition during renovation. One of the advantages of kitchen remodeling, while your things are stored away, is installing additional kitchen storage space. Most often found right under that fancy countertop.

Choose the most qualified kitchen contractor

When choosing the right countertop, you shouldn’t disregard the kitchen renovation expenses that await you. However, the kitchen contractor you choose should be insured and have proven experience in installing the specific type of countertop. Once you determine what kitchen countertops will be in style for 2024, settle for a skilled, licensed contractor who will make your kitchen a place for many good memories.

When it comes to planning and coordinating a kitchen remodel for your home, you shouldn’t have to go it alone – GreatBuildz can help simplify your remodel experience.


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