What Are The Best Innovative Materials For Your Remodeling Project?

Protect Your Home, The Environment, and Your Wallet With These Innovative Materials

What Are The Best Innovative Materials For Your Remodeling Project? 1

While owning a home is a great investment, it is one that must be actively managed to ensure that your property is maintaining a leading space in the minds of potential buyers.

Therefore, it’s a good idea for any home renovations to stay ahead of contemporary remodeling trends with the following innovative materials, you can ensure your home stands out in a competitive Los Angeles real estate landscape.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura & San Diego with reliable general contractors, clients often ask which innovative materials are best for their homes – here are a few great options to consider.

1. Steel Log Siding

It doesn’t take close attention to the news to be aware of the fire crisis that California has been battling recently. And while this recent conflagration has been a hot topic of debate, it is not a recent phenomenon, as California has a brutal fire season seemingly every summer.

As such, when considering the best house siding material when an upgrade is due, fire-resistant materials should be at the very top of the list.

To this effect, there is no better option than steel log siding, as it offers elite fire protection for your home. In addition, steel log siding will typically last the lifetime of your house (at least 50 years) and comes in a wide array of attractive designs and colors that are nearly indistinguishable from traditional wood and brick options, among others.

2. Gravel Driveway 

With an increasing number of southern California homes moving away from traditional grass landscaping to help conserve water, it is important to have a driveway that matches xeriscaping options such as pea gravel or natural stone.

Enter modern gravel driveways: They feature innovative permeable paver grids to hold the driveway in place and prevent rutting and clumping. While it may “never rain in southern California,” that occasional storm is sure to wash dry sediment away like it is nothing, with this runoff only exacerbated by a concrete driveway. So, not only do permeable gravel driveways match well with your waterless lawn, but they can help mitigate the damage in the event that a severe storm would hit the Los Angeles area.

3. Vinyl Floors

While it is no secret that flooring materials such as hardwood and tile can provide an elegant finish to your home, they remain some of the most expensive materials on the market, which can be a major roadblock to homes with significant square footage.

What Are The Best Innovative Materials For Your Remodeling Project? 2

As a more affordable alternative that offers a similar aesthetic to these traditional products, consider the merits of vinyl plank flooring. Available in a wide selection of designs and colors and fabricated in intuitive sections that make for straightforward DIY installation, this innovative material can quickly give your damaged floor a facelift.

4. Polyiso Insulation

Sustainability is the name of the game when it comes to home renovation in 2021, and nowhere is this trend felt more acutely than southern California, an area that puts its resources to the test as much as any location in the country.

Therefore, any materials that can lower the transfer of energy into and out of the home should be given top consideration, with polyiso insulation for your walls and roofs an effective means of reducing energy consumption and lowering HVAC costs.

5. Composite Roof Tiles

Nowhere will the sun beat down upon your roof quite like Southern California. This can cause wood shakes to dry and crack, concrete shingles to fade, and asphalt surfaces to shed granules, leading to costly repairs and elevated HVAC costs.

A more modern alternative would be composite roof tiles, such as the ones offered by Brava. This sustainable product, made from recycled polymers, comes in a number of classy designs that will match any siding option and will stand up well in the face of the prolonged southern California sun, all while offering a Class A fire rating.


In order to keep your home at the forefront of the real estate market, regularly performing contemporary renovations should be a priority for homeowners. By investing in projects that utilize innovative building materials, residents of southern California can improve the longevity and maximize the return on investment for their home.

At GreatBuildz, we help homeowners have a stress-free remodel with only the best materials and the best contractors. Give us a call or submit the form below to be connected with several fully vetted, trustworthy contractors in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura & San Diego who are experienced with all kinds of remodeling projects. For more info, visit www.greatbuildz.com or call 818.317.3567 today.

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