Your Ultimate Guide to an Exterior Home Remodel

Every home needs an exterior renovation once in a while. Weather damage eventually takes its toll, certain design trends go out of style or your personal preferences might change. Fortunately, Many remodeling projects will revive your property’s curb appeal and increase its value. 

Here are the most valuable exterior home remodels that should be at the top of your to-do list.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Diego Counties with reliable pre vetted contractors, we frequently assist homeowners with their exterior home remodeling projects. Here are some tips for common home exterior remodeling projects.

New Garage Door

garage door exterior home remodel

Believe it or not, a garage door replacement has the best return on investment for any exterior remodeling project. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, replacing your garage door costs about $4,000 and has a 93.3% cost recuperation on average. This seemingly simple project has exceptional value for various reasons: 

  • Contributes to better curb appeal
  • Strengthens your home’s security
  • Blocks outside noise
  • Improves heating and cooling efficiency

Hiring a professional installer is highly recommended, as it can be a very dangerous project. But if you are confident in your handyman abilities, are willing to get the right tools for the job, and are willing to learn everything about the process thoroughly, you can make this a DIY project and save some money along the way. This is the general outline of a garage door installation:

  1. Remove the old garage door.
  2. Inspect and repair the opening.
  3. Prepare the new door’s bottom section for installation.
  4. Install the door sections piece by piece. 
  5. Attach a door opener bracket kit to the top of the door.
  6. Attach the door operator reinforcement bracket if installing an automatic version.
  7. Insert the rollers into the door hinges.
  8. Assemble and install the vertical tracks.
  9. Assemble and install the horizontal tracks.
  10. Attach rear track hangers to the ceiling.
  11. Install the springs, pulleys, lifting cable, and safety cable.
  12. Add the pull rope and lift handle. 
  13. Add the internal side lock.
  14. Do a test run and confirm all components are working properly.

Most local building codes require garage doors to be at least 1⅜ inches thick for safety reasons. They can weigh anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds, so ensure you do this project with an assistant. Garage door installations are dangerous, even if you know what you’re doing.

Siding Replacement

exterior siding replacement

A siding replacement is another impressive exterior remodel, especially one specific material — manufactured stone veneer. Although the project costs upwards of $10,000, the 2022 Cost vs. Value report shows a 91.4% return on investment. Fiber-cement siding is the next-best replacement in terms of value, which averages a 68.3% ROI. 

Stone veneer siding is valuable because it’s more durable and long-lasting than any other material. It requires no maintenance and can withstand heat and moisture better than wood or vinyl. It’s also easier to install than natural stone veneer because it comes in lightweight panels. With proper planning, you could complete this project over the weekend.

Remember to choose a shade that complements your climate when selecting your stone veneer siding. The color can significantly reduce energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight and lightening the burden on your A/C system. 

Roofing Replacement

exterior of grey home roofing replacement

A new roof is one of the more expensive remodeling projects. The average roof replacement with asphalt shingles cost $31,535 in 2022, while metal roofing cost $51,436. This project has a big price tag because it requires large amounts of materials and labor. However, both options will give you a solid ROI between 54.8% and 59.6%.

In any case, you shouldn’t get hung up on the replacement cost. If the roof needs to be fixed, you can’t afford to wait. A damaged roof leads to leaks, ruining rafters, ceiling joists, walls and even electrical wiring.

Installing a new roof is a complex project that requires professional help. Even if you have the skills and experience, your homeowner’s association would likely charge you special assessment costs in addition to your regular dues. Letting a professional installer complete the project is safer and more cost-effective.

Exterior Home Deck Addition

beautiful outdoor porch

Adding a deck to your home’s exterior is a great choice for a remodeling project. The average deck cost $19,248 to build in 2022, but that number is expected to increase due to the rise of lumber prices nationwide. Still, a wooden deck should give you at least a 62.1% ROI and increase your home’s property value by about $12,000, if not more.

If you’re worried about lumber prices, a wood plastic composite or mineral-based composite are also viable options. Composite is more expensive than natural wood but has some impressive advantages. These materials don’t stretch or warp like real wood, so they’re easier to maintain and extremely resistant to harsh weather. 

On the other hand, composite materials cost about $5,000 more to install and are less eco-friendly. Natural wood is still the best option, assuming you build the deck properly and maintain a yearly seasonal maintenance routine. This project is easier than a roofing or siding replacement but still requires professional installation.

Backyard Patio

beautiful backyard patio remodel

A backyard patio is the next best option if your home can’t accommodate an exterior deck. Every home in California should have some sort of outdoor hangout space. The average paver patio project is much more affordable than a deck, with prices between $1,440 and $5,100 nationwide. 

However, high-end patios can cost more, so be prepared to pay extra if you want to make customizations or need extensive excavation. Professional installers will give you a handful of templates to choose from, which makes installation much easier and maximizes the property value increase. 

A well-designed backyard patio installation can have an 80% ROI and increase the property value by up to $30,000. Outdoor recreation is a huge factor in determining a home’s resale value. A patio is a welcome addition to your exterior, whether you plan on moving or have no intention of leaving.

Front Door Exterior Home Remodel Transformation

exterior front door remodel

The front door is the centerpiece of your home’s exterior, so it must be a focal point in your remodeling process. A door transformation has a lot more room for creativity than other projects. You can boost its curb appeal in many affordable ways:

  • Door replacement: A new single front door installation can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,700, depending on the size and material. Wooden doors are less expensive but more prone to damage. Steel doors are costlier but are ultra-durable and provide excellent home security.
  • Fresh paint job: Nothing freshens up a front door like a new coat of paint. This project will cost you $300 at most and completely change the look of your home’s exterior. You could choose a bold and complementary color like red or yellow or do something that matches the siding and trim
  • New hardware: A front door has a surprising amount of hardware. You can replace the locks, knobs, handles, kickplates, mail slots, door knockers and address numbers for just a few hundred dollars. Improving these small details will strengthen the door’s appearance and security.
  • Better lighting: Installing better downlighting around your front door will make the entrance more inviting. A well-lit front porch effectively signals that your home is open to friends and neighbors. New porch lights will cost between $220 and $660, depending on how many you need.
  • Power wash: Exterior doors face constant weather exposure and will get dirty. You can buy a power washer for just $100 and give your front door a deep clean in a few minutes. Just remember to keep your distance and avoid making direct contact with windows.

A front-door transformation will be a welcome change of pace after completing larger projects. You won’t have to worry about expensive materials or labor costs. You can simply focus on the design aspects of your front door and make all the changes your heart desires.

Get The Exterior Home Remodel You’re Looking For

Your home’s exterior isn’t just a collection of building materials. It’s a reflection of your personality. It shows you’re a responsible and attentive homeowner who cares about your house’s well-being. Give your residence the exterior remodel it deserves, starting with these high-value renovations.

It can be daunting when attempting to find a reliable and quality contractor for your exterior home remodel project. That is why we started GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, or San Diego with reliable, thoroughly screened general contractors and provides project support from start to finish.

Call now (818.317.3567) to chat with a real person about your exterior renovation project or visit our website for more information:


Rose Morrison is a home & construction writer from Pittsburgh, PA. She’s the managing editor of Renovated, a web magazine for the real estate industry. She’s most interested in sharing home projects and inspiration for the most novice of DIY-ers, values she developed growing up in a family of contractors.

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