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The internet is an invaluable resource that has revolutionized our ability to locate trustworthy, high-quality goods and services. In many cases, the best method to discover local kitchen remodeling companies is to search online or use a contractor-finding website.

However, despite its usefulness, the Internet can occasionally be deceptive. How can you make the most of your resources to find a website for kitchen remodeling companies online?  There are a few things to know about searching for contractors online, so we’ll cover the most important aspects you should be aware of.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, or San Diego with reliable kitchen remodeling contractors, we speak to homeowners every day about renovation projects. Below, we offer a guide to finding the best kitchen remodeling companies online.

Locate Reputable Kitchen Remodeling Companies Online

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Utilize Google to locate Los Angeles kitchen remodeling companies online.

Check each kitchen remodeling company’s website individually and read the information provided. Inquire about their services, experience, and previous work.

Read consumer reviews and testimonials to learn about the experiences of other customers with the company. In order to obtain a wider spectrum of opinions, it is preferable to read reviews from multiple sources such as Yelp and the BBB websites.

Check a company’s license and insurance if you like its website and reviews. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the company is legitimate and that you are protected in case of an accident or injury during the remodeling process. You can easily validate the company’s license is active and in good standing at the CSLB website.

Contact the prospective kitchen companies to ask any questions you may have about their prices, services, and expertise. This will help you better comprehend the company and what it has to offer.

This process can be quite time-consuming, particularly if you are comparing a large number of kitchen remodeling companies in order to find the best one. This is why resources such as GreatBuildz can be very helpful to homeowners.

Instead of requiring you to locate, research, and evaluate kitchen remodeling companies online, GreatBuildz has already completed these tasks. Our website and free service provides you with a network of kitchen professionals who have been thoroughly verified so that you can be confident in their expertise, quality, and dependability. No more searching online.

Screening Kitchen Remodeling Companies Online in Los Angeles

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It is essential to note that a kitchen remodeling company’s website does not always convey the whole story. A company’s showy, well-designed website does not necessarily indicate that they are the best option. And conversely, the fact that a kitchen company’s website is a little dated does not indicate that they are not highly experienced and trustworthy.

Imagine a newly formed kitchen remodeling company in Los Angeles. The first thing they would want to do is create an attractive website online with lots of ‘stock imagery’ of fancy kitchens. So, even though this kitchen company has never remodeled a single kitchen, their website makes it look like they are experienced professionals.

When selecting a kitchen remodeling company, it is therefore essential to look at more than a few websites.

Here are some green and red flags to watch out for as you evaluate the website for kitchen remodeling companies online.

Green Flags:

Detailed information – If a company provides detailed information about its services, experience, and past projects, it is a positive sign that they are transparent and professional.

Positive customer testimonials and evaluations – Positive customer evaluations and testimonials indicate that the company likely has a positive reputation and has provided quality service in the past. Verify the testimonials are legitimate by also looking at their reviews on Yelp, Google, Etc.

Regulatory and insurance details – The provision of licensing and insurance information signifies that a company is legitimate and that you will be protected in the event of an accident or injury during the remodeling process.

When a company publishes references and a portfolio of their work on their website, it is a sign that they are proud of their work and willing to show it off.

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Absence of information – If the contractor’s website lacks information about its services, experience, and previous projects, it may be a sign that they are attempting to conceal something. If no ‘About Us’ page provides info about the company’s ownership, the website could be just a “Lead Gen” site that is trying to capture your information to resell it.

No contact information – If the company’s website lacks contact information such as a phone number, it may be difficult to reach them if you have queries or concerns, indicating that communication may be difficult. If the kitchen remodeling company doesn’t answer their phone, this is also a bad sign.

Unreasonable costs – If a kitchen company’s prices seem too good to be true, it may be a sign that they are using inferior materials or cutting corners. Alternately, if they are offering ridiculous-sounding offers such as “50% off your kitchen remodel”, they are certainly lying. If they can afford to remodel a kitchen for half their regular price…this means their ‘regular price’ is a rip-off.

The Importance of Locating the Appropriate Kitchen Remodeling Companies Online

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Despite the fact that it can be time-consuming, vetting prospective kitchen remodeling companies in Los Angeles is essential. Because if you end up employing an unreliable kitchen remodeling company, you might have to deal with any of the following issues.

Consequences of hiring a poor Kitchen Remodeling Company

Delay in completion – A poor contractor may take longer than anticipated to complete the project.

Unreliable kitchen renovation companies may use substandard materials or take corners, resulting in subpar work that may need to be redone in the future.

Cost overruns – An unreliable kitchen company may not provide accurate cost estimates, leading to unforeseen expenses and cost overruns.

Safety risks – A contractor may violate safety protocols, putting you and your family in danger.

Not completing the work – In the worst-case scenario, a poor kitchen contractor may not complete the work they began, leaving you with an unfinished project and possibly requiring you to employ another contractor to complete the work.

Legal matters – If something goes awry, a lack of licenses or insurance can lead to legal complications.

Stress – Working with a subpar kitchen contractor can be distressing, as it can be difficult to communicate effectively and complete the project on time and within budget.


GreatBuildz is the best website to find kitchen remodeling companies in Los Angeles & Southern California. We’re a free service that matches homeowners with reliable, ethical kitchen contractors who are expertly matched for your remodeling projects.

To be matched with 3 pre-vetted kitchen contractors in the Los Angeles, Orange County, or Ventura County area, call (818.317.3567) or visit our website for more information.

Hi, we're Paul and Jon - Co-Founders of GreatBuildz. We believe everyone deserves to find a great contractor, have a stress-free renovation, and enjoy their beautiful new space. There are so many contractors out there and it's often hard to tell the good from the bad... until it's too late. We started our company to help simplify your contractor search and help you have a stress-free renovation experience. We're always available to help, no matter where you are in the process. Click here to learn more about our story.

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