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Finding a good contractor in LA can be the determining factor between a successful home remodeling journey or enduring a distressing ‘renovation nightmare.’ Undoubtedly, this aspect of the remodeling process is extremely important, and the purpose of this article is to offer guidance on finding the right contractor.

At first glance, locating a reputable contractor in LA may appear straightforward, given the abundance of online resources boasting tons of ‘highly-rated’ options. However, allow me to share a compelling statistic that could convince you otherwise. In Los Angeles County alone, the number of licensed Contractors exceeds 20,000, and this figure doesn’t even encompass other essential trades like plumbers, tilers, roofers, etc.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Diego Counties with reliable remodeling contractors, we speak to homeowners every day about finding the best contractors for their unique home project – here’s what you need to know to get you started:

Finding a Contractor in LA

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Finding “any old” house contractor in Los Angeles for your remodeling project is not too challenging a task. A quick online search will reveal numerous options. The real difficulty lies in finding the right trustworthy contractor to work with, as each contractor differs in pricing, service, quality, communication, and other attributes.

To find an excellent contractor for your home remodel, seeking recommendations from friends, neighbors, or trusted colleagues who have had positive experiences with a contractor is the best approach. Be specific in your inquiries, requesting referrals for a contractor in LA that specialize in the type of work you require. Recommendations for a pool contractor won’t be helpful if you need someone for a kitchen or room addition. Moreover, when seeking suggestions on online platforms like Facebook, rely only on recommendations from people you know personally, as others may be biased.

If you don’t receive quality recommendations from acquaintances and need to explore other options, consider starting with services that conduct extensive contractor screenings and provide personalized introductions to reputable contractors. Try Websites like or similar platforms – they can be invaluable resources.

Avoid the worst option of solely relying on contractor listing and review sites. The vast number of contractors in LA (over 20,000) and the abundance of high ratings (4-5 stars) make it difficult to distinguish truly competent ones from those merely presenting pretty images and potentially fake reviews.

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Choosing a Good Contractor in LA

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few contractors, determining the best one is not as straightforward as it may seem. Unfortunately, many homeowners base their hiring decision on just two factors: the lowest price bid and their initial ‘gut feeling’ after a single meeting with the contractor. While these factors can be a starting point, they are woefully inadequate for distinguishing quality contractors from the unreliable ones. During your initial meeting, contractors are usually on their best behavior, as they are trying to make a favorable impression to secure the sale.

While the price estimate provided by the contractor is undoubtedly essential, it alone cannot help you determine their reputation and honesty. Given that these two aspects aren’t sufficient to truly identify the best contractors in LA, homeowners should take as many vetting steps as possible to safeguard themselves from potential renovation nightmares. For guidance on the vetting process, our website’s ‘how it works’ section offers valuable insights.

Vetting a Contractor in LA

Verify Licensing

A contractor with a valid contractor’s license is the first indicator of a qualified professional. It demonstrates that the contractor possesses the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge of construction fundamentals, along with an understanding of local laws and building codes. To ensure your contractor is licensed in California, utilize the CSLB License Database for verification.

Check Online Reviews

Gaining insight from industry experts and past clients through online reviews is invaluable. While perusing the reviews on sites like Yelp, pay close attention to any negative feedback, as it provides a glimpse of potential worst-case scenarios. Keep in mind…good reviews could be fake, but bad reviews are always written by a real person.

Confirm Insurance and Bond

Only consider contractors in LA with proper insurance coverage. An insured contractor minimizes the financial risks associated with property damage or worker injuries. Request a copy of their insurance certificate and request to be added as “additional insured” through their insurance broker.

Examine Their Portfolio

Reviews offer valuable perspectives, but a picture can convey a thousand words. Explore the contractor’s portfolio photos on their website to visually assess their work. If you’re meeting them in person, don’t hesitate to request their most recent project photos. These images often reveal whether their style aligns with your preferences.

Seek References

Contact the provided references (past clients) and inquire about their experiences with the contractor in question. Some may even be willing to showcase their completed remodeling projects, particularly if you are near their location. This firsthand feedback from previous clients can be immensely helpful in making an informed decision. Ask them direct questions about their experience with the contractor, including both positive and negative aspects of their interactions.

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Red Flags when Looking for a Contractor in LA

During the vetting process, it’s essential to stay vigilant for any red flags that might raise concerns about a contractor in LA. The more vetting measures you undertake, the higher the chances of identifying potential issues. Conversely, if no red flags emerge, you can be more confident you’ve found a top-notch professional. Here are some red flags to be aware of:

Requesting a Large Deposit: Be cautious if a contractor in LA asks for a substantial deposit to secure your project’s spot on their schedule. It could indicate potential financial instability or unreliability.

Slow Response or Meeting Time: If a contractor takes more than a week to meet with you or provide an estimate, it may signal they are either overwhelmed with work, disorganized, or have communication issues.

Pushy or Disrespectful Behavior: Watch out for contractors who exhibit pushy or boastful behavior, show disregard for your budget and project scope, or speak negatively about other contractors. This behavior indicates potential problems with communication and collaboration during the project.

Relatively New License: Contractors with newer licenses may lack experience or have faced issues with their previous licenses, warranting you to be cautious about hiring them.

Excessive Marketing Spending: Contractors that heavily invested in flashy marketing materials, such as glossy mailers, fully-wrapped trucks, or expensive social media ads, may charge higher prices. Ensure you obtain multiple bids to compare costs effectively.

By keeping an eye out for these red flags, you can make more informed decisions when selecting a contractor for your project.

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Choose only a Licensed, Insured, & Bonded Contractor in LA

It is crucial, as a homeowner, to hire exclusively with licensed, bonded, and insured contractors. Failing to do so may lead to severe financial consequences if the project encounters issues or if any injuries occur on-site.

Construction sites are inherently prone to mishaps, and when you opt for an unlicensed or uninsured contractor, you run the risk of shouldering financial liabilities related to the construction issues. In cases of subpar workmanship, property damage, or worker injuries, you may find yourself responsible for covering these expenses out-of-pocket.

Beyond the financial risks, hiring unlicensed contractors is not only illegal but also opens up the potential that you become the victim of other unlawful activities and construction scams.

By hiring only licensed contractors, you uphold the integrity of hardworking professionals who have diligently obtained their licenses and invested in being bonded and insured. The presence of a license instills immediate trust when engaging with a contractor, a sense of security that cannot be achieved when dealing with an unlicensed contractor.

When it comes to planning and coordinating a remodel project, you shouldn’t have to go it alone – GreatBuildz can help simplify your renovation experience. GreatBuildz is a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, or San Diego with reliable, thoroughly screened contractors and provides project support from start to finish.


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