Expert Guide to Remodeling in Los Angeles

Remodeling your home in Los Angeles can be an exciting venture, promising a fresh and revitalized living space. However, before diving into your remodel, it’s essential to navigate the process with careful planning and consideration. From finding the right remodeling contractor to understanding local regulations and making sustainable choices, this guide offers valuable tips for a successful remodeling journey in the Los Angeles area. 

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles with reliable general contractors, we speak to homeowners every day about their home remodeling plans. We have created a comprehensive guide with a list of tips and what one should expect when remodeling in Los Angeles.

Things to Consider Before You Start Remodeling in Los Angeles

Before diving into your remodeling project, it’s helpful to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Hire a reliable remodeling contractor – Finding a reliable remodeling contractor is crucial for a successful project. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and interview multiple contractors. Look for experience, expertise, and effective communication skills to ensure a smooth working relationship.
  • Consider logistics – During the remodel, consider the logistics of living in your home. Determine if you need to relocate temporarily or if certain areas can still be utilized. Discuss these logistics with your contractor to minimize disruptions to your daily routine.
  • Plan for unexpected issues – Remodeling projects often come with unexpected challenges. Allocate extra time and resources in your schedule and budget to accommodate unforeseen issues that may arise during the remodel. Flexibility and preparedness will help you navigate any obstacles smoothly.

What Does the Process of Remodeling in Los Angeles Look Like?

The process of remodeling typically involves several stages, from initial planning to the completion of the project. Here is an overview of what the process of remodeling, including planning, looks like:


beautiful modern living room rennovation

  • Assess your needs and goals: Determine the specific areas of your home that require remodeling and identify your objectives for the project.
  • Research and gather inspiration: Look for design ideas and inspirations from various sources such as home improvement websites, magazines, or social media platforms.
  • Set a budget: Determine the financial resources you are willing to allocate for the remodel, considering factors like materials, labor, permits, and contingencies.
  • Consult with professionals: Engage with remodeling contractors or design professionals who can provide guidance and expertise during the planning phase.
  • Develop a project timeline: Establish a realistic timeline for the project, considering the complexity of the remodel and any time constraints you may have.

Design and Pre-Construction

  • Hire an architect or designer (if required): For more extensive remodeling projects, engaging an architect or designer can help with creating detailed plans and ensuring structural integrity.
  • Obtain necessary permits: Research and acquire the required permits from local authorities to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.
  • Collaborate with your contractor: Work closely with your remodeling contractor to refine the design, select materials, and establish a comprehensive plan for construction.


demolition of room prior to remodeling

  • Demolition and preparation: If necessary, the existing space is prepared for construction by removing old fixtures, appliances, or structures.
  • Building and installation: The construction phase begins, involving tasks such as framing, electrical work, plumbing, and HVAC installation.
  • Material selection and procurement: Coordinate with your contractor to choose and order materials like flooring, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances.
  • Regular communication with the contractor: Maintain open lines of communication with your contractor to address any concerns, provide feedback, and ensure the project is progressing as planned.
  • Inspections: Schedule necessary inspections during different stages of construction to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

Finishing Touches and Completion

  • Flooring, painting, and trim work: Install flooring materials, apply paint or wallpaper, and add decorative trim or molding.
  • Installation of fixtures and appliances: Install plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinets, and appliances.
  • Final inspections: Arrange for final inspections to obtain necessary certifications or approvals for the completed remodel.
  • Clean-up and finishing touches: Conduct a thorough clean-up of the construction area and address any remaining tasks to ensure a polished and complete finish.
  • Project completion: Once all work is finished, conduct a final walkthrough with your contractor to ensure satisfaction with the completed remodel.

How Much Does Remodeling in Los Angeles Cost?

calculating Los Angeles home remodeling costs

Remodeling costs in Los Angeles can vary widely, depending on the project scope, finishes, and location. A good rule of thumb for estimating costs is to consider a starting range of $100 to $300 per square foot for remodeling projects in Los Angeles.

It’s crucial to note that this is a general estimate, and the actual cost of your remodeling project can be influenced by several factors unique to your specific situation.

To get a more accurate estimate, it is recommended to consult with reputable remodeling contractors who can assess your project’s details and provide a comprehensive cost breakdown.

Additionally, keep in mind that other costs such as design fees, permits, and unexpected issues can also contribute to the overall remodeling expenses.

Allocating a contingency budget, typically around 10-20% of the total project cost, is advisable to account for any unforeseen expenses that may arise during the remodeling process.

Tips for Home Remodeling in Los Angeles

Greatbuildz reliable contractor planning

Here are some essential tips for remodeling in Los Angeles:

  • Understand local regulations and permits: Remodeling projects in Los Angeles require adherence to specific building codes and regulations. Research the necessary permits for your project and ensure compliance to avoid delays or legal issues. Engaging contractors who are familiar with local regulations can help streamline the permitting process.
  • Embrace sustainable and energy-efficient practices: Los Angeles places a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Consider incorporating sustainable materials, energy-efficient fixtures, and eco-conscious design elements into your remodeling project. This not only benefits the environment but can also add value to your home.
  • Be mindful of neighborhood aesthetics: When remodeling in Los Angeles, consider the character and style of your neighborhood. Ensure that your remodel aligns with the overall aesthetic and architecture of the area. This ensures your home’s value and appeal within the local context.

Remodeling Contractors in Los Angeles

construction tools for home remodeling

Finding the right contractor in Los Angeles is essential for making sure that your remodeling project goes smoothly. The right partner can make or break the success of your project.

However, looking for remodeling contractors can be an extensive and time-consuming process requiring you to seek out testimonials, review portfolios, contact references, check for qualifications, and more. 

Why not let GreatBuildz take care of this step for you? We work with a network of qualified, pre-vetted contractors experienced in remodeling in Los Angeles.



Simply reach out, let us know what your needs are, and we’ll connect you with the perfect contractor for your project who you know you’ll be able to rely on.

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