The Best Bedroom Renovation Ideas for Turning Your Traditional Space into Something Eclectic

How To Design An Eclectic Bedroom Renovation

An eclectic bedroom renovation could be just the thing to transform your home — a change of scenery is almost like taking a vacation. Plus, you can set your own budget, so the costs of your renovation are entirely up to you and what you want to achieve.

Eclectic is a word used to describe something comprised of multiple elements. When used in interior design, it refers to combining a variety of styles and periods using color, texture, and finishings. Eclectic interior design is a wonderful way to stamp your personality on a room, combining everything you love in a clever and artistic way. And what better space to do this to than your bedroom?

The Best Bedroom Renovation Ideas for Turning Your Traditional Space into Something Eclectic 1

If you’re looking for inspiration, these detailed ideas will put you on the path to creating a bedroom that’s uniquely you.

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Build On A Simple Background

Eclectic doesn’t mean chaos, and for this reason, it’s a good option to keep walls more subdued and allow furnishings to provide variety.

Bedroom Renovation

Statement objects are often used in eclectic designs, and combining such an item with a busy backdrop can divert the spotlight away from it. A mix of textures, colors, and styles looks best when superimposed on something a little more subtle. Painting your walls in neutral colors provides the ideal backdrop for statement pieces. 

Create a Theme For Your Bedroom Renovation

You can throw a range of styles together with little planning, but for an eclectic interior to work well, you need to consider the overall theme of a room. That’s not to say that you need to pick one specific idea and stick to it rigidly. If you want something cool and airy, for example, it’s best to use décor that matches that theme best. 

This could mean using neutral walls to establish a color palette. Then adding décor bit by bit, concentrating more on a variety of textures and staying close to the basic shades. A few accent objects could provide a visual “surprise” using contrasting colors or styles, such as minimalist/contemporary or more old-fashioned.

Play With Patterns During Your Bedroom Renovation

Unlike a minimalist style, an eclectic room can make use of unique patterns to add character — and bring out your personality!

If you go for a neutral backdrop like walls in white or gray, you could use chairs or curtains in bright colors or strong patterns. Patterns could mean everything from florals to polka dots, and the way you combine patterns is key. You need to layer your patterns, choosing a prominent print, and working from there. The best mixes combine prints in different styles that contrast completely, such as horizontal stripes on curtains against a chair covered in a paisley print.

Bedroom Renovation Teal Bed

Use Color to Harmonize and Contrast

Color can bring harmony and cohesion to an eclectic bedroom renovation when the styles of furnishings, walls, and other décor are in danger of clashing too harshly. 

Many homeowners going for an eclectic design enjoy bold and rich colors, but using too many of them detracts from their effectiveness. If your favorite color is orange, you don’t have to include orange walls, bedding, and rugs. Rather, experiment with using your chosen color throughout furnishings and décor. 

An autumnal carpet could mirror other furnishings that use orange sparingly. Get the balance right and the room feels more harmonious while still being visually interesting. 

Mix and Match Furniture and Decor

Bedroom renovation furniture can include side tables, bookshelves, a chest of drawers, desks, chairs, and lamps.  The core of an eclectic design is the mixing and matching of different period styles and décor elements in a cohesive manner. Using a variety of furniture styles is a great way to achieve this. 

A simple, almost minimalist Scandinavian-style bed in a neutral color contrasts perfectly with a vintage chest of drawers with ornate art deco details. At the other end of the spectrum, an ultra-modern, sleek piece of furniture could make a good pairing with a cozy, home-style bed — think Regency four-poster or a wrought iron frame with a thick mattress.

Bedroom Renovation Corner Bedroom

Repurpose and Refresh

Repurposing doesn’t mean you have to use your bedroom as a dumping ground for objects past their sell-by date. It simply means breathing new life into objects or innovative materials.

An example of one way to repurpose or recycle items is to use empty glass bottles in your lighting setup, or as décor by themselves. Using clear bottles works well when juxtaposed with bright colors and busy patterns, while green-tinged bottles pick out greens in other furnishings to bring things into harmony.

Bedroom Renovation Rainbow Bottles

Bringing Your Room Together

The examples above can give you an idea of how an eclectic style can be both unexpected and balanced. When you’re using a wide range of patterns and textures, it’s tricky to find the sweet spot between chaos and harmony, but there are a few tricks to help your room settle into a middle ground. 

These tips can help you find the right balance: 

Find the Ideal Color Palette

Eclectic interior design has room for a huge variety of different colors, but you risk visual chaos if you use them indiscriminately. Instead, choosing a basic color palette and building around that can contain a room while still allowing for interesting contrasts for a bedroom renovation. 

One way of doing this is to choose a primary or core color and then pick other complementary shades to emphasize the main one. 

A few guidelines:

  • Use the 60-30-10 rule: use a neutral shade on 60% of your room, a bolder or richer color on 30%, and an even brighter hue on the remaining 10%. In an eclectic style you can tweak this rule according to your tastes. 
  • Use complementary colors to add variety: complementary colors are those sitting directly opposite each other on the color wheel; for example, blue and orange hues or green and purple. These contrasts can be used similarly to different textures. 
  • Use analogous colors to bring harmony to more eclectic furnishings and textures: this approach uses one core color and the two on either side (on the color wheel). If you stick to a few shades, then a mix of styles can sit side-by-side without clashing. 

Bedroom Renovation Dark Room

Use Your Imagination

If you’ve decided to plan a bedroom renovation in an eclectic style, there aren’t really set rules to follow. 

Our guidelines will help to make an interior more aesthetically pleasing. However, one of the most important principles of eclectic design is that it should cater to your preferences rather than adhering to a rigid set of requirements or specific trends. Put your stamp on your bedroom and show off your personality in style.

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