8 Full Home Remodel Tips That Every Homeowner Needs

It’s no secret that remodeling a home can be incredibly costly work. From buying supplies to hiring the right team to work with you: you’ll feel the strain on your bank account. So, if you don’t want to overspend and are more cautious, these are the top ways to save money on a full home remodel

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8 Tips For a Successful Full Home Remodel

Full Home Remodel Roofing

1. Look Into the Prices and Set a Budget Early

Before starting this project, take the time to window shop most things you’ll need. This means checking into the prices of everything from siding to lights, decor, and anything else that comes to mind. Set a realistic budget for yourself, and add just a little wiggle room above it so you can be safe in case anything goes wrong. A budget is the best way you ensure you don’t overspend or buy unnecessary items. 

2. Wait to Buy Materials and Goods Until Sales

If you’re extremely tight on a budget, try to time your project for when materials, goods, and services will be the cheapest. This means different things for different items. Most construction and home goods items will go on sale in the early spring, but fall and winter are when construction prices are at their lowest because of low demand. You may be able to find sales during the warmer months but don’t be afraid to shop around for materials that fit the ideal cost of your home remodel

Keep in mind that ‘special order’ materials will generally be more expensive and you’ll need to wait for their arrival, which can sometimes be delayed. If you do select special order items, be sure to choose a ‘backup’ material that fits your needs in case your first choice is backordered, out-of-stock, etc.

3. Ensure Everything Gets Done Right the First Time

The worst thing you can try to do is DIY projects on the assumption that you’ll be able to figure it out. Some projects, such as replacing light fixtures and painting, are easier and can be done alone. However, a full home remodel will require someone who knows what they’re doing most of the time.

If you mess up after buying expensive products and have to have a building company come through and do it right: you’re wasting money that could be put into other parts of your property.

Instead, get to know where your limits are, and don’t be afraid to hire a professional. Even small issues, like repairing a dishwasher, should have a professional at hand: because making a mistake with a dishwasher could lead to you flooding the interior walls of your kitchen

Get to know a professional who can work with you and will go over everything from the cost to replacing the soffit to how to update portions of your home you want to be changed, and make sure to do it right from the first step. 

4. Pick Materials That Will Save You Money in the Future

Some materials won’t offer you up-front savings but will ensure you save money throughout your time using them. This means updates like using radiant floor heating, which will save you money on your heating and cooling costs, or adding more insulation, which will do the same. 

Changes like replacing your windows with thick stormproof windows will also help this goal, plus protect your home in case of a hurricane or thunderstorm.

5. Make Repairs That Ensure Your Changes Are Worth It

If you’re remodeling your home, don’t keep everything surface-level. Instead, invest in changes and updates that will protect and update your home past this and ensure the entire property will last. If you have issues with your foundation, fix them immediately. If you notice any issues with your driveway or walking paths, hire someone who can fill cracks in concrete before they become a larger issue.

Full Home Remodel Brick Wall

6. Seek Durable Long-Lasting Items and Materials

The best way to ensure you’re saving a lot of money is by investing in materials that will last for a long time; instead of going for cheaper low-quality siding that will have to be replaced in fifteen to twenty years, spring for fiber cement board and batten siding. Fiber cement siding can last as long as fifty years and requires minimal maintenance, meaning you just have to put this up once for it to outlive two to three rotations of cheaper siding.

7. Don’t Rush Through This Process

Although you may feel tempted to get as much work done as quickly as possible to avoid having to pay for more hours of labor, it is important to take your time with this process. Not only does this mean that you might find projects you can DIY along the way (like painting, replacing things like doorknobs and light fixtures, and updating smaller portions of your home), but it also means that you might stumble across a better deal before you get to a specific portion of your home. Don’t procrastinate, but don’t rush yourself too much.

8. Your Home Remodel Can Be Stunning

Whether you’re updating your home to sell it or you’re trying to make your property a more comfortable place to live, your home remodel should be everything you need it to be. Take the time to plan carefully and create a house you’ll love on a budget that doesn’t break the bank.


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Written by Max Shafer
Max Shafer is a contributor to the Innovative Building Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Max is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance. 
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