6 Home Renovation Ideas for Pet Owners

Because pets are often seen as family members, it’s no surprise that many pet owners think about their pets’ needs when upgrading their homes. Having a pet, whether it’s a cat, dog, or a tank of fish, has a significant impact on your home remodeling selections as a homeowner.

While doggie doors and fences are the most typical pet-related home modifications, there are many other pet-friendly renovation options to make your furry family members feel more ‘at-home’. When remodeling or gardening, considering your pets’ needs can help you create a comfortable, safe environment they’ll enjoy.

So, when remodeling your home, consider these home renovation ideas for pet owners.

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Built-In Beds

According to several experts, it is critical to provide your dog with a designated sleeping area. Some people use dog crates to give their pets their own sleeping space. Crates, however, aren’t usually appealing. They can also take up a significant amount of space. Pet beds can be integrated into shelves, cupboards, and other built-in components instead. 

Renovations for pet owners

A built-in sleeping space in a home’s cabinetry fulfills this requirement and provides a wonderful hideout for our domesticated canine companions. It may be customized to fit any house style, whether conventional or contemporary. Built-ins also keep the house free of cumbersome dog beds, which is a huge plus. To make the process easier, get informed about the best materials for your remodeling project


Indoor cats may develop health problems such as obesity and destructive habits due to anxiety and boredom caused by a lack of mental or physical stimulation. Many cat experts suggest establishing a “catio” (cat patio) for cats to enjoy the outdoors, which they can access through an exterior door or window. The most common form is a frame and wire enclosure with a single entry/exit point, which allows the cat to enjoy the outdoors while preventing it from escaping.

To reduce exposure to the outdoors and parasites, most catios have strong plastic on the top and/or walls. They can feature play spaces, dining areas, and even be constructed with level changes or toys to improve the cat’s activity level. In the event of an emergency, cat patios should have a human entrance too. Also, don’t keep cat food there because it will attract pests and other animals.

Finally, you should hire professional labor to assist you with heavy lifting since building a catio requires a lot of effort and materials,

Bathing station

Pet owners like the convenience of rooms dedicated to dog cleaning because they are tired of luring their pets into bathtubs or laundry tubs, not to mention cleaning up the common mess they’ll make during bathtime!

The majority of pet bathing stations resemble shower cubicles but are half the height. People with smaller dogs, on the other hand, frequently choose a counter-height sunken tiled tub. To make it easier to get a larger dog in and out of the tub/shower combo, replace it with a walk-in shower. 

bathing station remodel for pet owners

Consider an open-concept shower with no doors to provide plenty of space for washing your dog. You can also install a handheld showerhead closer to the ground. When you need to wash your dog’s muddy paws, this will make it easier. You might also want to install a large drain to prevent pet hair from clogging it. If you’re currently doing research for a bathroom renovation, make sure to keep your pets in mind and implement some pet-friendly solutions. 


If you’re thinking of building a bathing station, consider making a mudroom as well. Mudrooms are a fantastic idea that benefits both humans and dogs in the home. Leashes, toys, balls, and cotton towels for wiping muddy paws can all be stored in the mudroom or entry room. Your pet’s outdoor gear can be properly organized with hooks, cubbies, drawers, or shelves. If your dog loves a good shake after getting in from the rain, consider floor and wall coverings that can endure splattering.

Maintain a size that is proportional to the size of your family. You’ll appreciate a mudroom even more if you have a lot of kids (including grandkids) and dogs coming and going. Traditionally, mudrooms were located near the house’s back or side doors. However, if your front door is the most often used entrance, don’t let that deter you from adding a mudroom near the front of your home. It’s simple to design an appealing and functional mudroom that links to a front entryway. With that design, you can have a more formal entry and a convenient area to prepare for walks and wipe off muddy paws.

Stations for Feeding

The majority of pet owners prefer their dogs and cats to dine in the kitchen with the rest of the family. However, because kitchens are the busiest rooms in most homes, knocking over pet dishes is easy. Spilled kibble, water, and wet food can also be tracked through the kitchen if your pets are messy eaters.

A built-in feeding station is one of the best home renovation ideas for pet owners, helping them keep the area clean and feeding time organized.

Food station for pets

It’s typical to build a dedicated feeding center beneath the cupboards in the kitchen. It’s a straightforward solution that doesn’t take up any extra space on the floor. Add a water connection and a circulating pump to the feeding station if you want to go all out. The water bowl for your dogs then becomes a drinking fountain!

It’s a good idea to include a cupboard dedicated to pet supplies as well. Organize the space to store food, treats, medications, and other items. Meal preparation is simplified, and your kitchen is kept organized by placing the food storage cabinetry close to the feeding station.

Not only do pet-friendly kitchen designs improve your pet’s life, but they also make feeding time much more practical for you. No more tripping over or spilling dog dishes on the floor! If you’re considering a complete kitchen remodel, check out these awesome kitchen redesign tips

Add a Ramp

a pet owner can add a ramp for smaller animals

Older dogs frequently have difficulty ascending and descending stairs. Consider installing a ramp on decks and porches to eliminate the need for older pets to utilize the steps. Ramps can also help younger dogs avoid injuries and reduce joint damage, especially in breeds like dachshunds and basset hounds that are prone to back problems.

They should be easily accessible, with an incline angle of 16 degrees (easy), 22 degrees (standard), or 26 degrees (advanced) depending on the pet’s agility (for pets that can climb). If your pet prefers to sleep on a sofa or bed, consider installing ramps and long, low-rise steps.

Happy pets, happy homeowners

Pet-friendly home renovations make sense if pets are a big part of your life. The suggestions we’ve provided are just a few of the ways you may make your house more pet-friendly. Your pets’ needs may influence the materials you use around your home. These awesome home renovation ideas for pet owners will make your home more pleasant not only for your pets but also for you by simplifying everyday duties. 

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