5 Home Security Ideas to Add to Your Renovation Plans

Nobody can argue that safety is an important factor when creating the perfect home. During your next home renovation, you can take these extra steps to improve your home security so that your belongings and loved ones are safe.

At GreatBuildz, a free service that matches homeowners with reliable, thoroughly screened General Contractors, we talk to homebuyers every day about renovation projects for better home security.

Are you planning to remodel or upgrade your home in the near future? There are plenty of options to choose from in a renovation, but adding some home security features is an upgrade that will benefit you now and for years to come. Whether you currently have a home security system or would be starting from scratch, there are some attractive ideas to consider. You can begin by reading reviews of home security systems to get an idea of what makes the most sense for your home. 

Improve the Lighting

Home Security Lighting

A dark home and a poorly lit property beckon to would-be burglars. This is a glaring sign to people that no one is home. Even leaving a couple of lights on in the house while you’re away can deter suspicious activity in and around your home. Enhancing the exterior lighting is even better. As you’re renovating, beef up your lighting systems. Add motion detectors on the porch, garage, and backyard deck. You can also purchase smart lighting systems that run on timers. You can even program these, so they will come on at different times each day. That way, break-in artists don’t suspect you’ve just left on the lights during your absence. 

Upgrade the Locks

Home invaders will look for any chance they can find to get inside your place quickly. Often, burglars will simply come in through the front door if they think your lock isn’t up to the task of keeping them out. Keyless commercial electronic door locks are becoming more popular. Not only are these strong and durable, but you won’t have to worry about misplacing that house key ever again. This device uses a code to access your home. If you have a sturdy door, you shouldn’t have to worry as much about someone trying to break in this way. 

Install Some Cameras

Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are an excellent way to improve your home security. For your upcoming renovation, look into the surveillance options that you place around the property. There are both wired and wireless options at your disposal. Cameras give you a full view of your entire property at all times of the day, letting your spot unwanted visitors as they make their way to your house. Smart, wireless products offer many advantages. With these, you can check on your house from your smartphone while you’re away. Even seeing cameras in your home is a good deterrent for criminal activity on the premises. Doorbell video cameras are another intriguing addition. These let you see and communicate with people as they approach and stand at your front door. 

Sound the Alarm

Home Security Alarm

Having cameras and locks might help keep people out, but if they manage to get inside anyway, then what? This is when an alarm comes in handy. There are numerous alarm options available, both wireless and analog. Many of these connect directly to professional monitoring companies that will communicate with the police when the alarms go off. You can place sensors in doorways and windows to detect unwanted entries. There are also glass-break detectors that will activate the alarm.

Install a Fence

Home Security Fence

Home renovations do not just have to mean transforming your house. You can also add new features to your yard. A well-built fence can add charm to your property and also gives you some privacy and security. A backyard fence can keep someone from looking into your house as easily. It may also make someone less likely to get into your property and attempt to come inside your home from a backside window or door. 

As you improve the look and functionality of your house, don’t forget about protecting yourself and your family. Keep these ideas at the top of your mind for your next project.

Any homeowner should take extra precautions to secure their space. If you’re looking for some simple home security ideas to add to your current or future home, feel free to reach out to the friendly staff at GreatBuildz – we are available in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura & San Diego.  We’ll connect you with reliable, pre-screened general contractors who can help make any improvements you desire.           

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