5 Home Exterior Tips for Dog Owners

This article is for the 85 million dog owners in the USA currently (that’s one dog for every four people in the country, by the way). These backyard home renovations are specifically for dog owners because, as we all know, our furry friends aren’t just pets—they’re family. We want to create a home environment that’s safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for our canine companions, and these updates can make a world of difference.

You may have a sprawling backyard or a cozy patio; either can become a space you and your dog will love. Here are some quick tips for dog owners. 

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Ventura Counties with reliable contractors, we speak to homeowners every day about tips for dog owners – read on to learn more.

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Tips for dog owners #1: Upgrade your kennel game

A great dog kennel should be spacious and comfortable, but also sturdy and secure. If you are a family with more than one pup, a double-dog kennel is a dream come true. They come in various sizes and styles, making finding the perfect fit for your needs easy.

Opt for a climate-controlled kennel so your dogs will stay comfortable no matter the weather. Quality kennels have roofs and floors that provide excellent protection from the elements. And, of course, they’re designed with security in mind, giving you peace of mind that your dogs are safe while having enough room to stretch their legs and run around.

Tips for dog owners #2: Create a mudroom

Mudrooms are a game-changer for households with pets, offering a dedicated space to manage the mess of having dogs. Not only do they make life easier for you, but they also create a more organized and comfortable environment for your furry friends.

If you have the room, hiring a contractor to build a space to keep all your dog’s essentials—leashes, toys, balls, and those all-important cotton towels for wiping muddy paws—is a great idea. With hooks, cubbies, drawers, and shelves, you can keep everything in its place and easily accessible. Plus, if your dog loves a good shake after coming in from the rain, you can choose floor and wall coverings that stand up to splattering and make clean-up a breeze.

When designing your mudroom, consider the size of your family and your dogs. A larger family (including kids and grandkids) means more traffic, so a spacious mudroom can handle all the comings and goings. Traditionally, mudrooms are located near the back or side doors of a house, but don’t let that limit you. If your front door is the main entrance, it’s perfectly fine to place your mudroom there. 

tips for dog owners fence

Tip #3: Choosing the perfect fence for your home

With dogs in the picture, it’s crucial to pick a fence that balances security, durability, and aesthetics. Not all fences are created equal, so you’ll want to make sure your choice ticks all the right boxes to keep your furry friends safe and sound.

The height of the fence is critical. You want to ensure it’s tall enough that your pet can’t jump over it. Some dogs are quite the escape artists, so a higher fence can prevent any unexpected adventures. Equally important is how the fence is installed. Make sure it’s deep enough in the ground to stop your dog from digging underneath and making a great escape.

Material matters, too. Dogs can be pretty tough on outdoor structures, whether chewing, scratching, or running into them with the boundless energy we all know and love. Choose a fence made from durable materials that can handle the wear your dog might dish out. This might mean opting for something sturdier than the average wooden fence, like vinyl or metal, which are known for their longevity and resistance to damage.

For the best advice and installation, consider consulting with a professional contractor. They can provide insights into the best fencing options for pet owners and help you choose a fence that suits and complements your home’s exterior.

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Tip #4: Consider how older dogs navigate the space

You may already have, or one day will have, an aging dog dealing with joint issues. Incorporating ramps into your design can make a world of difference. Ramps provide a gentle, easy way for your pet to move in and out of the house, reducing the stress stairs can place on their bodies, especially as they age.

Ramps allow older dogs or dogs with mobility issues to move freely without putting extra strain on their joints. But ramps aren’t just for senior dogs—they’re also great for younger pups and small breeds. Eager, energetic dogs often don’t realize their own limitations, and a ramp can help prevent injuries from jumping or misjudging a step.

Tip #5: Make sure there are plenty of shaded areas 

A shady retreat in your yard is essential for your furry friend to relax and stay cool, protecting them from the dangers of overheating and harmful UV rays.

Providing shaded areas for your dog has several benefits:

  1. Shade your dog from harmful UV rays that can lead to sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging. 
  2. Regulate your dog’s body temperature, which is particularly important in a hot climate
  3. Give your dog a comfortable place to unwind and avoid the sun’s intense glare

To create these shaded areas, you can incorporate structures like pergolas or awnings, which offer consistent shade throughout the day. Strategically planted trees are another great option—they provide natural shade and add to the beauty of your yard. When planning these shaded spots, consider the movement of the sun to maximize coverage throughout the day.

Who will build all of these great doggy ideas?

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