2024 Interior Design Trends: What’s New in Home Aesthetics?

Many of the top 2024 interior design trends appeared in late 2023 at trade shows, via client requests and in magazines around the globe. Designers get their inspiration from furniture showrooms, popular paint colors and even clothing designers to see what’s hot and what’s not. 

Whatever trends come and go, traditional elements are always in style. One way to add some modern pizazz to your home while keeping it eco-friendly is to go with large classic pieces and add vintage accessories that make your room pop. Here’s what’s in for the year.

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1. Adding Blue

Blue interior design Blue pillows on a couchA minimum of seven companies chose blue as the color of the year, making it a standout for 2024. It isn’t surprising that different shades of this color are in demand. Blue is a soothing color that nearly everyone likes. 

Some ideas for infusing blue into your home’s aesthetics include painting the walls blue, adding a piece of furniture, or placing throws on your current furnishings. Blue goes particularly well with soft gray colors and neutrals. 

2. Intimate Spaces

Interior design trends brown couch with dog

Designers mentioned clients want cozier spaces to relax. Soft, fuzzy throws and plenty of pillows on a couch you can sink into steal the scene. 

People are spending more time at home — cooking instead of dining out, working from home, and watching movies on the couch instead of going to the theater. They want their time there to be relaxing and homey. 

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3. Brown Everywhere

Brown leather sofa

Brown remains in style with a nod to Renaissance decor. Bold browns in deep, rich hues alongside soft, pretty golds give a historical look to any room. In a survey by the New York Design Center, around 90% of respondents felt brown would be another top color choice in 2024 interior design trends. 

As a bonus, brown goes perfectly with most blues, making these two popular 2024 color options achievable within the same room design. 

4. Combined Mid-Century Modern and Minimalism

Minimalist design white furniture

Home sales fell from a peak of approximately 550,000 houses sold in July to only 350,000 in December. When the market tightens, anything homeowners can do to better stage their homes may help spur a faster sale. 

Fortunately, mid-century modern already presents an uncluttered look. Since furniture is in demand, vintage items may cost a premium. Fortunately, the popularity also means you can pick up a table or accessories at big box retailers for far less. 

Adding a few trendy pieces makes your home seem current, even if other pieces are older or more traditional. 

5. Oversized Pieces

Desk with a painting over it Interior design

Accessorizing is a huge part of the 2024 interior design trends. Home decor stores have expanded into new markets, bringing accessibility to even rural areas within reach. People are looking to add chunky, huge vases, sculptures, and oversized paintings to their current decor to modernize it. 

Look for pieces in trendy colors, such as blue, brown, or yellow. Adding in a burst of color with a big vase or sculpture gives your space personality and shows you know what’s in style and choose to embrace the trend through easily replaced items. 

Trends change every year, so spending a fortune on new furnishings that might be out of style in 12 months isn’t always the best investment. Remember things tend to circle back into style. You can find the exact look you want by visiting your local thrift store. As an added bonus, you’ll save a fortune buying secondhand

6. Personalized Art

Artwork above a shelf living room

People want things that mean something to them personally in 2024. Rather than another boring painting of a scene you can’t quite decipher, take a snapshot of your family or a favorite location where you enjoy a quiet lunch break and break the photo into tiles you place on your wall. 

With a bit of planning, you can create the right color scheme to match your decor or trending colors. You could also utilize photo editing software, such as Photoshop or Canva, and change the colors in the image or place a transparent filter over the entire picture to better reflect your style. 

7. Dark Drama

Interior design dark walls

People sometimes shy away from dark room designs. They worry about how they’ll cover the paint when it comes time to redecorate or fear losing too much light. However, the 2024 interior design trends never lie. Some rooms can benefit from a dark, dramatic design such as a home office, man cave, or bedroom.

The walls are the best place to start with black or charcoal paint. You may be able to choose lighter furniture for a less dramatic look or go with a chocolate brown sofa to keep things sophisticated.

Check out our Pinterest board: Dark Aesthetic 

8. Old School Controls

Coffee machine with a green cabinet

Although smart homes have their advantages, builders and designers state homeowners want to lose the harsh lighting and constant technology interactions. They are asking for manual knobs and to get rid of abrasive smart lighting. 

Whether the trend will continue in an age when a robot vacuums and mops for you and your refrigerator can order items for you remains to be seen. For now, people seem to be embracing a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle. 

9. The Top Interior Design Trend of 2024: Curves Everywhere

Organic shape furniture interior design

Several major magazines feature 2024 interior design trends including curves. Arches, globes, and other organic shapes are in fashion this year. Better Homes and Gardens spoke to interior designer Meghan Cates about shows she’s seen and the trend toward more fluid shapes for furniture, rugs, and artwork. 

The great thing about curves in design is that you can combine them with straight lines for a juxtaposition that adds enough geometrics to work. A straight, traditional couch takes on a fresh look when you add a mid-century modern curved table in front of it. A square bed looks different with a round area rug in the room.

What 2024 Interior Design Trend Do You Want to Add to Your Decor?

The trends above are what the design world is buzzing about. However, the best trend is adding the item you love that makes your heart sing. When you invest in furnishings and accessories that appeal to you, you’ll develop a unique style that withstands trends and the test of time. Are you ready for a style upgrade?

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