10 Amazing Remodeling Trends To Jump On In 2024

Homeowners have the creative freedom to personalize their living space. You can make your house look however you’d like, especially if the latest renovation trends inspire you. Check out these 2023 remodeling trends to find something that elevates your home’s design.

Here at GreatBuildz, a free service that connects homeowners with reliable remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties, we speak to homeowners every day about new remodeling projects that can help revamp their home – here are some trends and tips to get you started.

1. Home Offices

Home Office Between 2019 and 2021, the number of Southern Californians working from home tripled due to the pandemic and increased desire for remote positions. It’s challenging to conduct meetings and focus without a dedicated space for work, so home offices are one of the leading contenders for 2023 remodeling trends. You could install a custom desk, flip an existing room or add a new room to your home to create more space for your professional responsibilities.

  • Estimated Project Length: 1–3 months
  • Estimated Budget: $50–100 per square foot

2. Expansive Windows

Expansive Windows Wider windows are more popular for numerous reasons. They let more sunlight into your home, decreasing the need for lamps and more electricity. Big windows can also make rooms appear bigger. Your home will feel brand new with a slightly more expansive view of your backyard or neighborhood.

  • Estimated Project Length: 1–2 days
  • Estimated Budget: $500–3,000 per window

3. Tankless Water Heaters

Sink Environmentally friendly remodeling projects will be big this year. People want to help the planet by renovating the spaces they use most often during the week. Tankless water heaters are an easy way to do that. Instead of consuming electricity to continuously heat a large tank of water for small usages, tankless heaters warm water only when you need it. They’re more cost-efficient for long-term use than water tanks because you’ll use much less daily electricity.

  • Estimated Project Length: 6–10 hours
  • Estimated Budget: $500–2,800

4. Hidden TV Centers

2023 remodeling trends hidden tv stand People don’t want to get rid of their televisions, but sometimes it’s nice to unplug for the night. Entertainment centers will become a much bigger remodeling trend in 2023 because they can hide TVs away for more family time and a cleaner aesthetic. Contact contractors to discuss building a built-in bookshelf that spans your living room wall or an alcove with hidden doors above your fireplace. They’ll discuss which options work best with your home’s structure while maintaining your design vision. Whether you have a large flatscreen that prioritizes the environment or a vintage television, you can build an entertainment center that tucks it out of sight whenever you want to unplug Estimated Project Length: 1–2 weeks Estimated Budget: $300–$1,200 Related: Which Home Improvement Projects Should You Leave to Professionals?

5. Jetted Bathtub

Jetted Bathtub Going to the spa is always a treat, but you might not schedule appointments as often as you’d like. That’s one reason homeowners are installing jetted bathtubs in their bathrooms. You can relax in luxury without leaving your home once you remodel your bathroom to fit your preferred jetted model. The simple remodeling project will help relieve your daily stress if you love to soak in a bubble bath.

  • Estimated Project Length: 12–18 hours
  • Estimated Budget: $1,500–$17,000

6. Walk-In Closets

Walk-In Closet Bigger closets give you more room to store your belongings, but they’re so much more than storage space. They also add luxury to any home and create new opportunities for personalization. Consider remodeling your closet this year to include features like cabinets, built-in lighting, display shelves and seating. You’ll add value to your home and make it feel like a mansion. Plus, it’s always helpful to have extra room for storing your belongings.

  • Estimated Project Length: 1–2 days
  • Estimated Budget: $1,200–3,000

7. Wallpaper

Wallpaper When someone mentions wallpaper, you might imagine past decades of gaudy designs, but it’s back in a new way. Modern designs feature classy motifs and minimalist art so your wallpaper accentuates any room without taking it over. It might be the perfect touch to add to your living room, kitchen, or bedroom if they’re missing a cohesive interior design element.

  • Estimated Project Length: 1–2 days
  • Estimated Budget: $1–7 per square foot

8. Built-In Bookshelves

Built-In Bookshelves Wobbly bookshelves and temporary furniture are old news. People are looking forward to installing built-in bookshelves this year instead. They add value to any property and give it instant character — built-in shelves are more of a bold statement than standing shelves. They’re also a fun opportunity to create a secret doorway or an entertainment cabinet.

  • Estimated Project Length: 5–20 hours
  • Estimated Budget: $1,250–4,100

9. Outdoor Showers

Outdoor Shower Thanks to celebrities and popular architects, outdoor showers are having a moment this year. They’re practical outdoor remodeling projects that serve multiple purposes and add unique designs to traditional neighborhoods. You could use your shower to rinse off after swimming in your pool or mowing your lawn. Wash your dog in your outdoor shower to minimize the inevitable indoor mess. They’re also great additions to coastal rental homes for guests who frequently jump into the waves. If you’re considering an outdoor shower, remember to select features like water-resistant tiles to make it last longer. It should also have complete privacy from any neighbors and drainage that directs water away from your home’s foundation.

  • Estimated Project Length: 2–3 days
  • Estimated Budget: $500–8,000

10. Garage Door Awnings

Garage Garages are often the first features people see when they pull into a driveway. It makes your home’s first impression and doubles as a place to hang out. You might use your garage as your home gym or extra entertaining space when you invite friends over. An awning would make the space more visually appealing and create additional sheltered space for people to relax. 

  • Estimated Project Length: 2–4 days
  • Estimated Budget: $6–9 per square foot

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Prepare for the Most Popular 2023 Remodeling Trends

Homeowners can consider these remodeling trends as they plan their 2023 renovation budgets. Whether you make your property greener, transform your basement, or add an outdoor shower, your home will become a place of luxury by the end of the year.

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Author: Rose Morrison is a home & construction writer from Pittsburgh, PA. She’s the managing editor of Renovated, a web magazine for the real estate industry. She’s most interested in sharing home projects and inspiration for the most novice of DIY-ers, values she developed growing up in a family of contractors.

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