How To Use The Bathroom Remodeling Cost Calculator

Bathroom remodeling cost guide

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, this cost calculator is for you!

Simply go through all the steps above, selecting the aspects of the project you’d like to include. Then, we’ll ask for your preferences for the specific elements you chose.

You’ll choose from 3 different trim levels – Basic (common for a rental), Mid-range (average for the everyday remodeler), and High-end (all luxury finishes).

Keep in mind that the cost estimates provided above are simply rough figures, you can reasonably expect your final project to cost somewhere within 15% of the estimate above. Some projects can be more complex than others and there can always be surprises, so we recommend getting multiple contractor estimates to validate your numbers for budgeting.

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“We recommend setting 15 percent of your remodeling budget aside for hidden issues and emergencies. This way, you will not have to sacrifice your vision for the bathroom project by needing to allocate budget towards these necessary repairs.” 

Jonathan Grishpul

Partner, GreatBuildz

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Calculator

Learn what to budget for your dream bathroom!

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